Monday, April 6, 2015

The Birds, the Bees, and Sister Missionaries (you read that right).

I'll explain the subject line in a bit.

So Monday night after P-day was over we were trying to see a less active Monday night but they weren't home, and Sister Davis felt impressed to go tracting rather than go see another less active. So we tracted for a bit and no one let us in. So we were about to turn around but I felt like we needed to go to the end of the street, and so we did and we knocked on the door and Brooklyn answered. She's fifteen. We started talking to her and she was really interested, and then her brother walked out, and I was like, oh no, he's gonna yell at us to leave his sister alone. But no! He was interested too! And he's seventeen. So we started teaching them and they invited us back for the next day! It was totally awesome!

So Tuesday we contacted a referal that Sister Stanley gave us last week and her name is Kathy. She is super awesome, she is probably in her 50's of 60's. We talked for a while, she told us that her mom had just died, and then we talked a long while more. And she said, "You two are just too cute. You brighten my day!" And we said, "Can we brighten your day again next week with another message?" And she told us we could, so we're going back to see her again. Then we went to see the Stewards, and we talked about Easter and General Conference and why they're both so important. Then we went to see Aaron R. with Sister Michaud and we shared an Easter message with him too! And then we went to see Brooklyn and Tyler! Tyler had the flu, so we weren't able to teach him. But we taught Brooklyn, and she loved the lesson! She said, "After your lesson yesterday everything just felt better, and my prayers felt better....I want to go to the true church every Sunday.... And I want to be baptized by God's priesthood authority." Yea, she's pretty much an angel and I love her so much it's a little ridiculous.

Wednesday we thought District Meeting was in Newport, not Bangor, so we drove 50 minutes in the wrong direction... So that was embarrassing. But District Meeting was great, and then we had the most awkward moment of my life. A member asked us to teach his seven year old daughter the Law of Chastity because she was kissing a boy on the bus... It was baaaaad. She was uncomfortable, I was uncomfortable, Sister Davis was uncomfortable, and the parents were treating it like it was the end of the world. It wasn't our job to be there, and I really wish we would've said no. So we went and got ice cream during our dinner hour for comfort food after an awkward day. hahaha. Then we went and saw Kaycee, and she loved the message so much she invited us to come back to teach her twelve year old daughter! Woo! I am so excited to meet Rebecca!

So Thursday morning we were supposed to teach an investigator, whom I will not name, but they ended up getting arrested. So that didn't happen. And then our other appointment fell through for the morning. So we went street contacting for four hours. haha. But the day was beautiful, so I didn't mind. Then we did service at the soup kitchen. It is always a hoot. The older people that volunteer there are so inappropriate that it's ridiculously hilarious. Then we went and had dinner with Sister Michaud, and then we taught Lori! I love Lori. After the lesson, we were leaving and she said, "Sister Stott, where is my hug? Last time you told me I'd always get a hug!" So we hugged it out for a couple minutes. It was fantastic.

Friday was pretty low key. We went and visited Rachel for a bit. She's allergic to her chemotherapy, so we wanted to see how she was doing. We went and visited Jason and Bethany and they have a cute little baby that I was so distracted with! There's so many cute tiny humans here! Leah D. made us dinner that night, and it was super fun to just chat with her. She's getting ready to head off to BYU in a few months and then a mission, so she's just crazy enthusiastic about life. I love it.

Saturday was General Conference! Woo! Every talk was so incredible! I'm just freaking out still because I loved them all so much. Especially the one about making sure you hear the music when you're dancing. Kind of obsessed. We went to lunch with Bonnie, Shyla, and Sister Michaud between sessions and it was super fun.

Sunday was amazing! Have I mentioned that I love General Conference? Well I'm mentioning it again. It was so good (that rock climbing story though... come on, I was dying)! Between sessions we had dinner with the Cooks, and I'm basically obsessed with that family. Any food that Sister Davis and I have mentioned that we like, they had it at the Easter dinner (and I love a lot of food). And the Easter bunny even brought us baskets to their house. haha. I just love them so much. They always make sure we're taken care of. I want them to come to every area I serve in. haha.

This week was great. The Lord blesses us so much, and our four new investigators are just a glimpse at it! I love the Gospel, I love being a missionary, and I love New England. I'm becoming a little obsessed with it, but not enough to be a Patriots fan... Ever. I love you tons, and I miss you too. But my heart is just too full to let that be a sad thing.

Sister Danielle Laree Stott

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The weather has been... an adventure. haha. But we stay pretty warm! The boots and tights you and mom sent really helped! :) It was in the 50s one day and Sister Davis and I took off our tights and sweaters and put on our sunglasses. It was pretty funny.

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  1. Hello this is Tyler McLean and we are sorry but we cannot meet wendsday April 8. Our parents don't want us to get into religion and we don't want them mad at us. I am so sorry me and Brooklyn really want to but our parents won't let us. I am so sorry we really appreciate that you came to our house and took the time from your day. I am very sorry again sincerely Tyler & Brooklyn McLean