Sunday, August 30, 2015


Oh no Todo, I don't think we're in the Gong anymore...
Tuesday when we were walking out of the library, this African pastor started Bible Bashing me and Sister Sekete. That was a strange experience. Tuesday night our ward has a rescue night, so we went and saw some less active members with one of the sisters in the ward. Then after we went and saw them, Sister F took us to Macca's to grab a snack. And I said, Ï would like an ice cream please." So she ordered me FOUR ICE CRE
AM SUNDAES!!! And then we went contacting at the train station and I met three YSA from the Tongan ward and they were like, "Sister, take our drinks! Sister! Let us take you to the shop and get you food. Let us buy you something." Everyone is so nice here and wants you to eat ridiculous amounts.... I guess I can take one for the team and totally devour anything in my sight. hahaha.
Wednesday was so good! We went finding in the morning and then taught a lesson to our investigator Lin Lin. That was interesting. Haha. Then we went and had a lesson with George and he only smoked one cigarette, which has apparently never happened before. Woo! I also had him convinced that I was 47 and was just really good at doing my makeup, but then he wised up and realized  I was joking. We went on splits and that was super fun. We went and saw our investigators Linda and Diana. They're both African and I now know what an African party looks like. It looks super awesome by the way. Then we went and saw Simone, a recent convert. We shared a message with her, her kids, and her non-member partner. It was a really fun night.
Thursday I found out that Sister Sekete is actually a rapper, so that was interesting. I am so white as it's not even funny. All of our appointments fell through so we ended up doing a lot of contacting. We met this cute little Vietnamese lady at the train station and she thought I had yellow hair and Sister Sekete was from the Philippines. She is obviously blind.... I also decided that I have an African spirit and that I need to move to South Africa and raise a giraffe from infancy.... But that's not missionary related. hahaha.
Friday was good. We had district training and we got to meet the rest of the district. We were walking home and decided to grab a fifty cent cone at Macca's, right? So I'm waiting for my ice cream and this guy behind me starts flipping out on his wife and kid. F words are flying, and the mum and little boy were both obviously upset. So I gave the little boy my ice cream cone and talked to the mum for a little. The dad was yelling and I just handed him a pass along card and told him to be nice, because some of us aren't blessed to have our families on this side of the world, but that's okay because I get them for eternity. And then he shut up. So ya know, that was kind of cool. Then we had a lesson with our investigator Deserae and that was the first time that anyone has been around her that she hasn't sworn once! Woo! Kind of awesome. Then we went to the Espinosa's for dinner, but we took a wrong turn and had to walk for an hour, so we were a bit late. But they were so sweet and weren't even mad and we had yummy El Salvadorian food together. Then we went and saw a less active member named Shelley. She was praying and the Lord told her that she needed to invite the missionaries over, and less than 24 hours later we just showed up! It was a pretty cool experience. She really wants to come to America so she can go to Walmart in her pajamas. I told her we could go together and even throw some hair rollers in. Haha.
Saturday was TRAUMATIZING. I woke up to a cockroach crawling on me. Aaaaagh. I almost cried. Then it was so hot that I got a tan line walking from our flat to the train station. Haha. Australia, mate.... Sister Sekete made Chakalaka, a South African dish for lunch. It was pretty good! Then there was a missionary fireside because someone in the ward just came home from their mission in Perth. He's Tongan and so there was a mass Islander feed afterwards so we could talk to his non-member friends and family. It was crazy! There were two FULL pigs (teeth and everything still in), a chocolate fountain, HEAPS of KFC, and yumm desserts. I swear if I didn't have to walk to Sydney and back everyday I'd weigh 200kg.
So Fairfield Stake is legendary for their Sundays, and I now understand why. This morning we had MCM and then went street contacting. We met this really cool guy named Oscar from Iraq. Most of the people we meet on the streets are from the Middle East, so I always carry around Arabic copies of the Book of Mormon and the Restoration Pamphlet. Church was really good. I'm one of three white people in the ward, and the other two are the Elders.... Hahaha. O áu o se palongi sui o le ekalesia a Iesu Keriso ole au paia o aso egata ai. Oute le iloa tautala faasamoa. Then we went to the Amone's house and went on a hound dog run! All of the missionaries in the stake get together and have a big feed, then we switch companions and go and see assignments from the Stake Presidency. It was super fun and my companion for the night was Sister Albano, my old companion from Sutherland! We taught a lesson to a recent convert and found a new investigator. It was a good night! Then we went back to the Amone's and had yumm dessert. Sundays are awesome!
It was a really good week. I think I'll adjust to Villawood pretty nicely. It's completely different than any area that I have ever served in, but I know I'm here for a purpose. The church is true, and I'm so grateful I get to share the Gospel with the people here.

Alofa Atu. Tofa,
Sister Danielle Laree Stott

Picture: Sister Eddie (Solomon Islands), Sister Teahe (Tahiti), Sister Sekete (South Africa), Sister Stott (Idaho!). The first time in my life I've been considered tall and pale. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Area Number 4: Villawood First

Well, this week sure flew by. And it was slightly insane. Last Monday, our District had a party! And by party I mean a totally missionary appropriate gathering. We all drove down to the Minnamurra Rain forest and went on a hike up to the falls. It was super fun. The Elders even did a Hakka on the rocks at the base of the falls, it was a good time. The Mittagong Elders even carried cake up the whole hike so we could feast at the end! Haha. After the hike and p-day we went and taught this beautiful Muslim family that we had met. It was really fun.
Tuesday was great. We went and saw one of our investigator's sons and shared a message with him, but he's not too interested at the time being. Then we had lunch with a less active member and did a bit of service. The STL's were supposed to come that night but issues were happening with another area in the zone, so they never arrived that night.
Wednesday came and the STL's finally made it! Sister Lee and I were on exchanges and it was an absolute riot. We went and saw heaps of different people, and did a bit of tracting. We had dinner with the Stewarts and Sister Lee and Sister Mauga sang in Mauri. It was super fun. But then we got a call saying we had to drive the STL's back to Campbelltown right away! But then we got a call and Crystal was in the hospital! So we rushed to the hospital, then we rushed to Campbelltown. Then we were starving and half asleep so we rushed to Macca's and got a McFlurry then rushed back to Wollongong. We didn't get home until 11:15pm. Even though we were following President's orders, I was pretty bummed to stay up so late. I like my sleep. Moral of the story: Everyone else needs to be obedient, or the obedient sisters don't get sleep. haha.
Thursday I realized my potential, I am going to become a professional painter! No more University for me. haha, jokes. But Katrina's entry way is FLAWLESS, if I don't say so myself. We had a lesson with Brad and it was extremely awkward and uncomfortable. I really, really, really get freaked out when people my dad's age ask me if I'm looking for a husband. After our lesson, we went and saw Crystal back in hospital. We went to Katrina's for dinner again, to finish painting, and made a video for Crystal to try to cheer her up. Then we had MCM with Brother Hardwick and the Elders, and it was quite the site watching them try to figure out how to eat S'mores'dip. hahaha.
Friday started off great! I finally finished the New Testament! Woo! District meeting was great, a lot of us knew we were leaving the Dapto-Gong district, but it was good. We went and tried to see Amy while we were down there, but she blew us off. So we went and saw Shirley and she is such a riot! Then we went to see Crystal again in hospital. I sincerely just adore that girl so much. 
Saturday was the first of three days of tears. Transfer calls came.... And I got kicked out of Wollongong.... I kind of just went into a mourning period as I packed and cried into my suitcase. I LOVE WOLLONGONG SO MUCH. It was Evelyn's birthday though, so we went and sang happy birthday to her and tried to make it a happy day. Katrina had us over for one last meal. I love that family sooooooooo much. Then we spent the night putting together a bunkbed with Murray and Katrina, because I'm moving out, but they're replacing me with three additional sisters for Sister Moon and the Gong to love. 
Sunday I cried more in my Farewell Wollongong talk than I did at my Farewell talk when I left home. Then we had lunch with Kiri to say goodbye and I FINALLY ate Kangaroo! Mmmm, yummy. Also, a fried chocolate sandwich for the road. I had to say goodbye to Katrina and the Stewart clan as well and I felt as if my very most inward parts were crying as well. Then I had to say goodbye to the Harwicks and I just cried a lot, okay? And Damon and Ethan are so distraught because they'll never see my hair reach "mermaid status."hahaha. Goodbyes were

rough, but I guess that's the price you pay for loving so many people in so many places.
Monday was a lot better than I was expecting to be honest. I woke up, aligned my will with the Lord's, and put my suitcases in the car. We drove to the Stake Center where Sister Moon received her new companion and the other companionship, and I hopped in another car with Sister Teahe. Sister Teahe and I then went on a road trip back up to Sydney, Fairfield to be exact. My new area is Villawood, and my companion is Sister Sekete. She is from South Africa and she is a spit fire, I like it. We went straight to work! We had a lesson with a less active member named Kathy. Of the thirty minutes we were there, I think she hugged me for ten. She loves her sisters! Then we went and saw an investigator named Julie, and we are all praying for her so she knows what date is right for baptism. No rush, we need to make sure it's right. Then we went and saw the Mafoa's, and I think I'm slightly obsessed with this family. They are an absolute RIOT. I'm so excited because I know we're going to spend heaps of time together. 
I am so eternally grateful for the time I spent in Wollongong. I'm so grateful for the people I met and loved there, and I'm grateful for who I am now because of them. Missions are incredible experiences, and I can't believe I've spent 1/3 of my mission already. I'm so excited for this new adventure and for the people I'm going to meet her. God is good, and I'm so grateful for this opportunity I have to align my will with His. 
Sending all of my love and extra prayers,
Sister Danielle Laree Stott

Picture: My new Soa, Sister Sekete. <3 

My last picture in Wollongong with my Katrina and going away present from the Stewarts. <3 So blessed  to have had so much time with this woman and the ward! 

New address
3/45 Railway Pde
Fairfield, NSW 2165 

Monday, August 17, 2015

"You have health insurance, right?"

"You have health insurance, right?" is not the question one tends to like to hear when they show up to do service. However, on Tuesday that's the first thing that Teresa asked us when we showed up to do work in her garden. Apparently Australian gardens aren't the safest places, considering all of the crazy bugs. But we didn't die, so that's good. We went and made dinner with two of our former investigators that night. We made Mexican food for them and they really really... did not like it. It was awkward. Haha.
Wednesday was good. We went and saw Evelyn and then we went and helped Deb put together some furniture. We're pretty much pro at following IKEA instructions so I think I know where I'm going to work when I go home. Haha, jokes. We had dinner with Katrina and in honor of my mum and dad's anniversary, I told plenty of awkward and embarrassing stories. :) Just kidding, I only told one. But we all got a good roar out of it. 
So.... Thursday.... Started off pretty interesting. We had to go take some medicine to be de-wormed.... De-worming medicine on the positive just tastes like American chocolate.... Which isn't that good when you've been eating Australian chocolate for a long time. We tried to see heaps of potentials and look for service opportunities. So hopefully we get the volunteer job! We went and met a new less active member and she is... interesting. Her life is really rough, and she doesn't necessarily love Yanks, but she was pretty nice all things considered. 
Friday was excellent. Elder Larsen does a splendid job at district training and I always leave feeling nice and chastised, but in a good way! Like a, "I'm going to improve" way, not a "I hate that mean District Leader" way. We taught a few lessons that day but no one wanted us to come back and teach again. We also went and contacted a referral, and that was interesting. The whole time we were there she kept yelling, "My enemy sent you! My enemy!" So yea, we left. We had dinner with Kiri and if I come home super fat, it is all that woman's fault. She can cook and bake like none else. 
Saturday was great. We went and saw a less active member and did a bit of service for her.... She gave us some dresses that she thought might fit.... But they're literally double our sizes... It's pretty fantastic. You'll enjoy the pictures. We also met a few potential investigators, and I learned something new! If you make your own rum, you actually bake it in the oven. So if I ever become an apostate pirate, I know how. hahaha. Jokes. 
Sunday was great. We taught Sunday school again and it was fun. After church we did a little tracting and went and saw Shirley in the hospital. She's pretty funny. I really enjoy her. We had dinner with a family that really reminds me of Jordan and Whitney, so that was heaps of fun. It was kind of like a glimpse into their future home. haha. 
The work is going great. I've been in Wollongong with Sister Moon for three months, and I think one of us is getting kicked out next week. No matter what happens, I'll write on my Tuesday (your Monday) rather than my Monday. Hope all is well and I'll write you then.

Sincerely yours,
Sister Danielle Laree Stott

Pictures: Our fantastic dresses. Our fantastic district.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

"Could you die on your mission if you serve in a super dangerous place with heaps of Nephites?"

I just want you to know, I found my faith! I was a little bit worried about it to be honest. I was doing what I was supposed to: being obedient, reading my scriptures, praying, etc., and I was still having some struggles. So Monday was only a half p-day, and I decided I was going to give my all and make sure that the half work day really counted! And so we went tracting and we found FOURTEEN potential investigators! Which meets the standards of excellence for a whole week. Woo! My faith is back! We also had some unsuccessful tracting.... We tracted into a Uni party and that was awkward... We were definitely not the type of girls those blokes wanted hanging around.... We also tracted into two guys who seemed really keen! So we asked, "Can we share a message with you about Jesus Christ?" And one guy said, "By what means will you be sharing this message?" And needless to say, a discussion wasn't the message he wanted... Awkward as... Some of the potentials we found all belong to the same family. They're from Libya and I really think they're beautiful, and I hope we can get permission needed to teach them (their lives and our lives could be in danger if they convert to Christianity). 
Tuesday Sister Moon was really sick so the only time we left the flat was to cancel an appointment and to go to the doctor.When I was talking to Teresa to cancel the service we had planned she grabs my arm and says, "Sister Stott, how do I know you are actually who you say you are? I've seen a lot of American movies." Hahaha. So I told her that if my integrity wasn't enough, I carry a ministerial certificate around with me as well. It was pretty funny. I am obviously CIA.... Watch out Aussies. 
Wednesday we went and visited Alison, a potential investigator we found a few weeks ago! And she let us share a short message with her and said we could come back next week. Woo! A new investigator! She's lovely and is the mum of three boys, so she is obviously very patient and Christ-like. We had dinner with Katrina and it was heaps of fun. I really love her, her family, and the members of this ward. I really don't want to leave, but I fear that it could happen sooner than I'd like. 
Thursday was fun. I decided that if being a teacher doesn't work out, I'm going to start my own painting business. Haha. We painted Katrina's wardrobe gold, and it was fantastic. Everyone needs a gold wall in their home... We also went and had a lesson with Ann! She's a potential that we met a few weeks ago and everytime we try to see her, she is just putting her son down for a nap. But we finally caught her at a good time and taught the Restoration! She is going to start reading the Book of Mormon and when we go back this week she'll let us know if she wants to keep learning about the church. Sweet as! I'm stoked! We had dinner and MCM with the Hardwicks and it was a fun time. I'm telling you, Wollongong will forever have a chunk of my heart. 
Friday was the start of a double cheeseburger weekend. It's this rare occasion where as a missionary, you actually kind of get a weekend. Monday was a half p-day so that Friday we could have a zone p-day! So we were all at the beach and the elo Elders weer playing Rugby and us Sisters (there's 6 of us) were bored, and some of the Sisters wanted to go shopping... But the Nowra Sisters' car had a broken headlight, so we dropped it off to get fixed when we were shopping... Important detail: The Nowra Sisters are both Tahitian and English is not their first language.... Anyways, we went shopping and when we went back to pick up the car, the shop was closed... Well, since it was P-day and we had just been at the beach, the Nowra and Narooma Sisters were all just in jeans, didn't have any other clothes, and didn't have any scriptures or other necessities.... So yea, that was interesting trying to get two tall Tahitians and a tiny little Filipina to fit into our clothes (the other Sister had bought a new dress). But we successful clothed all of the sisters and found sleeping arrangements for them in our flat! It was an adventure for sure. 
Saturday was fantastic! Time Out For Women was in Sydney and the church let all of the Sister Missionaries within driving distance go. Woo! David Archuleta sang with the tongue of a thousand angels. (I'm not saying my husband needs to sound like Josh Groban or David Archuleta, but I'm not saying that it wouldn't hurt either...) Elaine S. Dalton gave a great speech and afterwards Sister Moon and I got to meet her and have a little chat, just the three of us. That was super neat. Then Sandra Turley, Cosette in Les Miserables on Broadway, sang and talked about her life. That was awesome. Then Heidi S. Swinton, Lisa King, and Brad Wilcox all spoke. We got to chat with Brad Wilcox for a little bit as well, and he is a really nice guy! I was afraid he was going to hug me though. haha. We also spend a few seconds with David Archuleta, but a swarm of mums whose daughters are apparently perfect for him practically attacked the poor boy... After Time Out for Women we went to Katrina's and picked up the Nowra Sisters' car from her, because she's a saint and got it from the shop while we were in Sydney. 
Sunday was wonderful! I love church! It just makes me so happy. Sister Moon and I taught Gospel Principles and CTR 7. That was an adventure. Hence where the title of this email came from. "Could you die on your mission if you serve in a super dangerous place with heaps of Nephites?" is one of the questions dear little Ryan asked us. He's hilarious. We also caught little Lily drawing on the wall and her excuse was, "Sometimes I forget the wall isn't paper..." Hahaha. Little kids kill me, and make me realize it's totally okay I'm single and on a mission. After church we went to a mission conference with Brad Wilcox and Sandra Turley. It was fantastic and if I hadn't already found my faith earlier in the week, I would have there. 
It was a great week, and I'm so grateful to be a missionary. The church is true and this is the Lord's work. I'm so grateful I have a year left to serve in this beautiful land and to share the simple truths that I know with the people here. 

The church is true, 
The Book is blue,
That's my weekly thought,
Sister Danielle Laree Stott

Picture: Sister Dalton after she melted our hearts. 

A Week of Random Epicness

I am officially Australian! Monday after we emailed, Evelyn took Sister Moon and I to Symbio wildlife park. And I got to see a Koala Bear, an Emu, and all sorts of animals. MOST IMPORTANTLY though, I got to feed a kangaroo and pet it and get some kangaroo cuddles in! My heart basically melted, and I feel like my life is complete. 
Tuesday was good. We went tracting in the morning then we got to see Crystal! Crystal is this beautiful lady who joined the church last October, and I'm kind of obsessed with her. She is a rocking little missionary and she just spent the last month in Logan, UT! Land of my heart! And she's possibly moving there, so that would make me so happy after my mission. We had dinner with Bishop, Deb, and their family that night. Deb is such an awesome lady! She was sharing experiences about her mission and I really just want to be a lot like her. She's a good person to look up to in the Gong. 
Wednesday was so much fun! We got to scale the fifth story of a building and call it service! Mwahahaha! That's pretty much as close to rock climbing as I'll ever get on my mission... But it was so much fun! Evelyn's windows were super dirty, and they needed a good washing. Sister Moon and I are both safe and sound, the blinds were extremely sturdy. :) Then we had a lesson with Jeff and it actually went really well. I was a little nervous at first that we were going to lose him, but it all worked out. Then we had a lesson wit Brad and it was also a very interesting lesson, but we're coming back next week so it sees to have gone okay. 
Thursday was fantastic! We had interviews with President and Sister Back. Interviews are always an interesting experience. But it was a good interesting and I was able to receive some guidance on some things that have been weighing heavy on my heart.  After interviews we went visiting teaching with Kayla, and tat was suer fun. We also went to see Kay, who just got out of hospital. When we asked her if there was anything we could do for her, she asked us to take her dog for a walk on the beach. Only in Australia does that count as service... haha. But when someone gets their knee replaced, walking a crazy dog like Frank is actually a burden. 
Friday was district training meeting! Woo! I actually really love our district this transfer. After training, we did heaps of tracting. I love tracting! I feel like we ran like mad after our meeting but all we really did was tract. We did however switch cars with the Elders and it was NASTY! Elo palongis! Elders need to learn how to clean. The smell was literally burning our eyes. 
Saturday was a god day. We did heaps of tracting once more. I guess that's what you do when you really have no investigators. After tracting we went and saw Shirley in hospital. She just had her hip replaced and was doped up to her eyebrows (Her words, not mine). Then Katrina threw a birthday party for Kathy and we joined them for dinner. I helped Katrina make this INCREDIBLE Thai dish and I am basically in love. It's going to be my new favorite thing to cook. 
Sunday was fantastic. Fasting has become an amazing thing on my mission. I absolutely love the feeling I get! I don't even feel hungry when I fast any more, I just feel pumped for the work. Also, testimony meeting gave me another new motto: "You can have anything you want in this world, as long as you don't want anything else more." What do you want more than anything else? Good soul searching question... After church we were driving to see a less active member, and we drove past Ana and Mele, our former investigators who just dropped off the face of the planet. So we flipped around and went back to talk to them! If you break up with me, you do it to my face, you don't just disappear! I'm not about that life! The we went and saw Theresa, and she is so lovely! We watered her garden with her and talked a bit and we're going back Tuesday to mulch. Woo! 
It was a fantastic week! It was actually pretty dang emotionally draining, but looking back on it, it was a blast! I think that's how missions go though... Speaking of missions going, I only have twelve fast Sundays left on mine. Aaaaagh. But in honor of that, I have decided to tell you twelve random things that have changed about me since I've been on my mission. Enjoy:
1. I eat cauliflower and green beans at least once a week, and actually enjoy it.
2. Actually, I eat most things these days besides tofu and pickles (Yes, even red sauce and kidney beans. Miracles happen people.).
3. I am slightly obsessed with doors and can tell you the quality of every one I knock. 
4. My favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon is Alma 38, and I want to be like Shiblon.
5. I am strangely proud of my shoe tan from tracting. 
6. I turn into a pumpkin at 9pm, which is before I used to even start work in University... 
7. My favorite album is the Best Two Years Soundtrack
8. I have to physically force myself to say my first name (Sister suits me).
9. Everything is "as." Sweet as. Crazy as. Mean as. Nasty as. Cool as. And I'm not swearing every two words, it's just how we talk here. 
10. My favorite Latter-day prophet to study is George Albert Smith. He's really incredible.
11. I think my emotions are broken. I've cried over things as simple as someone answering the phone but not shed a tear when people call me he scum of the Earth.... It's interesting.  
12. Life is a toughie, so I now believe 100% "Your life isn't falling apart, the Lord's plan is just falling together." Just remember that. 

So that's my life this week. Exciting as stuff. Sending my love, prayers, and a picture of me and a Roo,

Sister Danielle Laree Stott