Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Area Number 4: Villawood First

Well, this week sure flew by. And it was slightly insane. Last Monday, our District had a party! And by party I mean a totally missionary appropriate gathering. We all drove down to the Minnamurra Rain forest and went on a hike up to the falls. It was super fun. The Elders even did a Hakka on the rocks at the base of the falls, it was a good time. The Mittagong Elders even carried cake up the whole hike so we could feast at the end! Haha. After the hike and p-day we went and taught this beautiful Muslim family that we had met. It was really fun.
Tuesday was great. We went and saw one of our investigator's sons and shared a message with him, but he's not too interested at the time being. Then we had lunch with a less active member and did a bit of service. The STL's were supposed to come that night but issues were happening with another area in the zone, so they never arrived that night.
Wednesday came and the STL's finally made it! Sister Lee and I were on exchanges and it was an absolute riot. We went and saw heaps of different people, and did a bit of tracting. We had dinner with the Stewarts and Sister Lee and Sister Mauga sang in Mauri. It was super fun. But then we got a call saying we had to drive the STL's back to Campbelltown right away! But then we got a call and Crystal was in the hospital! So we rushed to the hospital, then we rushed to Campbelltown. Then we were starving and half asleep so we rushed to Macca's and got a McFlurry then rushed back to Wollongong. We didn't get home until 11:15pm. Even though we were following President's orders, I was pretty bummed to stay up so late. I like my sleep. Moral of the story: Everyone else needs to be obedient, or the obedient sisters don't get sleep. haha.
Thursday I realized my potential, I am going to become a professional painter! No more University for me. haha, jokes. But Katrina's entry way is FLAWLESS, if I don't say so myself. We had a lesson with Brad and it was extremely awkward and uncomfortable. I really, really, really get freaked out when people my dad's age ask me if I'm looking for a husband. After our lesson, we went and saw Crystal back in hospital. We went to Katrina's for dinner again, to finish painting, and made a video for Crystal to try to cheer her up. Then we had MCM with Brother Hardwick and the Elders, and it was quite the site watching them try to figure out how to eat S'mores'dip. hahaha.
Friday started off great! I finally finished the New Testament! Woo! District meeting was great, a lot of us knew we were leaving the Dapto-Gong district, but it was good. We went and tried to see Amy while we were down there, but she blew us off. So we went and saw Shirley and she is such a riot! Then we went to see Crystal again in hospital. I sincerely just adore that girl so much. 
Saturday was the first of three days of tears. Transfer calls came.... And I got kicked out of Wollongong.... I kind of just went into a mourning period as I packed and cried into my suitcase. I LOVE WOLLONGONG SO MUCH. It was Evelyn's birthday though, so we went and sang happy birthday to her and tried to make it a happy day. Katrina had us over for one last meal. I love that family sooooooooo much. Then we spent the night putting together a bunkbed with Murray and Katrina, because I'm moving out, but they're replacing me with three additional sisters for Sister Moon and the Gong to love. 
Sunday I cried more in my Farewell Wollongong talk than I did at my Farewell talk when I left home. Then we had lunch with Kiri to say goodbye and I FINALLY ate Kangaroo! Mmmm, yummy. Also, a fried chocolate sandwich for the road. I had to say goodbye to Katrina and the Stewart clan as well and I felt as if my very most inward parts were crying as well. Then I had to say goodbye to the Harwicks and I just cried a lot, okay? And Damon and Ethan are so distraught because they'll never see my hair reach "mermaid status."hahaha. Goodbyes were

rough, but I guess that's the price you pay for loving so many people in so many places.
Monday was a lot better than I was expecting to be honest. I woke up, aligned my will with the Lord's, and put my suitcases in the car. We drove to the Stake Center where Sister Moon received her new companion and the other companionship, and I hopped in another car with Sister Teahe. Sister Teahe and I then went on a road trip back up to Sydney, Fairfield to be exact. My new area is Villawood, and my companion is Sister Sekete. She is from South Africa and she is a spit fire, I like it. We went straight to work! We had a lesson with a less active member named Kathy. Of the thirty minutes we were there, I think she hugged me for ten. She loves her sisters! Then we went and saw an investigator named Julie, and we are all praying for her so she knows what date is right for baptism. No rush, we need to make sure it's right. Then we went and saw the Mafoa's, and I think I'm slightly obsessed with this family. They are an absolute RIOT. I'm so excited because I know we're going to spend heaps of time together. 
I am so eternally grateful for the time I spent in Wollongong. I'm so grateful for the people I met and loved there, and I'm grateful for who I am now because of them. Missions are incredible experiences, and I can't believe I've spent 1/3 of my mission already. I'm so excited for this new adventure and for the people I'm going to meet her. God is good, and I'm so grateful for this opportunity I have to align my will with His. 
Sending all of my love and extra prayers,
Sister Danielle Laree Stott

Picture: My new Soa, Sister Sekete. <3 

My last picture in Wollongong with my Katrina and going away present from the Stewarts. <3 So blessed  to have had so much time with this woman and the ward! 

New address
3/45 Railway Pde
Fairfield, NSW 2165 

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