Sunday, August 9, 2015

"Could you die on your mission if you serve in a super dangerous place with heaps of Nephites?"

I just want you to know, I found my faith! I was a little bit worried about it to be honest. I was doing what I was supposed to: being obedient, reading my scriptures, praying, etc., and I was still having some struggles. So Monday was only a half p-day, and I decided I was going to give my all and make sure that the half work day really counted! And so we went tracting and we found FOURTEEN potential investigators! Which meets the standards of excellence for a whole week. Woo! My faith is back! We also had some unsuccessful tracting.... We tracted into a Uni party and that was awkward... We were definitely not the type of girls those blokes wanted hanging around.... We also tracted into two guys who seemed really keen! So we asked, "Can we share a message with you about Jesus Christ?" And one guy said, "By what means will you be sharing this message?" And needless to say, a discussion wasn't the message he wanted... Awkward as... Some of the potentials we found all belong to the same family. They're from Libya and I really think they're beautiful, and I hope we can get permission needed to teach them (their lives and our lives could be in danger if they convert to Christianity). 
Tuesday Sister Moon was really sick so the only time we left the flat was to cancel an appointment and to go to the doctor.When I was talking to Teresa to cancel the service we had planned she grabs my arm and says, "Sister Stott, how do I know you are actually who you say you are? I've seen a lot of American movies." Hahaha. So I told her that if my integrity wasn't enough, I carry a ministerial certificate around with me as well. It was pretty funny. I am obviously CIA.... Watch out Aussies. 
Wednesday we went and visited Alison, a potential investigator we found a few weeks ago! And she let us share a short message with her and said we could come back next week. Woo! A new investigator! She's lovely and is the mum of three boys, so she is obviously very patient and Christ-like. We had dinner with Katrina and it was heaps of fun. I really love her, her family, and the members of this ward. I really don't want to leave, but I fear that it could happen sooner than I'd like. 
Thursday was fun. I decided that if being a teacher doesn't work out, I'm going to start my own painting business. Haha. We painted Katrina's wardrobe gold, and it was fantastic. Everyone needs a gold wall in their home... We also went and had a lesson with Ann! She's a potential that we met a few weeks ago and everytime we try to see her, she is just putting her son down for a nap. But we finally caught her at a good time and taught the Restoration! She is going to start reading the Book of Mormon and when we go back this week she'll let us know if she wants to keep learning about the church. Sweet as! I'm stoked! We had dinner and MCM with the Hardwicks and it was a fun time. I'm telling you, Wollongong will forever have a chunk of my heart. 
Friday was the start of a double cheeseburger weekend. It's this rare occasion where as a missionary, you actually kind of get a weekend. Monday was a half p-day so that Friday we could have a zone p-day! So we were all at the beach and the elo Elders weer playing Rugby and us Sisters (there's 6 of us) were bored, and some of the Sisters wanted to go shopping... But the Nowra Sisters' car had a broken headlight, so we dropped it off to get fixed when we were shopping... Important detail: The Nowra Sisters are both Tahitian and English is not their first language.... Anyways, we went shopping and when we went back to pick up the car, the shop was closed... Well, since it was P-day and we had just been at the beach, the Nowra and Narooma Sisters were all just in jeans, didn't have any other clothes, and didn't have any scriptures or other necessities.... So yea, that was interesting trying to get two tall Tahitians and a tiny little Filipina to fit into our clothes (the other Sister had bought a new dress). But we successful clothed all of the sisters and found sleeping arrangements for them in our flat! It was an adventure for sure. 
Saturday was fantastic! Time Out For Women was in Sydney and the church let all of the Sister Missionaries within driving distance go. Woo! David Archuleta sang with the tongue of a thousand angels. (I'm not saying my husband needs to sound like Josh Groban or David Archuleta, but I'm not saying that it wouldn't hurt either...) Elaine S. Dalton gave a great speech and afterwards Sister Moon and I got to meet her and have a little chat, just the three of us. That was super neat. Then Sandra Turley, Cosette in Les Miserables on Broadway, sang and talked about her life. That was awesome. Then Heidi S. Swinton, Lisa King, and Brad Wilcox all spoke. We got to chat with Brad Wilcox for a little bit as well, and he is a really nice guy! I was afraid he was going to hug me though. haha. We also spend a few seconds with David Archuleta, but a swarm of mums whose daughters are apparently perfect for him practically attacked the poor boy... After Time Out for Women we went to Katrina's and picked up the Nowra Sisters' car from her, because she's a saint and got it from the shop while we were in Sydney. 
Sunday was wonderful! I love church! It just makes me so happy. Sister Moon and I taught Gospel Principles and CTR 7. That was an adventure. Hence where the title of this email came from. "Could you die on your mission if you serve in a super dangerous place with heaps of Nephites?" is one of the questions dear little Ryan asked us. He's hilarious. We also caught little Lily drawing on the wall and her excuse was, "Sometimes I forget the wall isn't paper..." Hahaha. Little kids kill me, and make me realize it's totally okay I'm single and on a mission. After church we went to a mission conference with Brad Wilcox and Sandra Turley. It was fantastic and if I hadn't already found my faith earlier in the week, I would have there. 
It was a great week, and I'm so grateful to be a missionary. The church is true and this is the Lord's work. I'm so grateful I have a year left to serve in this beautiful land and to share the simple truths that I know with the people here. 

The church is true, 
The Book is blue,
That's my weekly thought,
Sister Danielle Laree Stott

Picture: Sister Dalton after she melted our hearts. 

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