Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Week of Random Epicness

I am officially Australian! Monday after we emailed, Evelyn took Sister Moon and I to Symbio wildlife park. And I got to see a Koala Bear, an Emu, and all sorts of animals. MOST IMPORTANTLY though, I got to feed a kangaroo and pet it and get some kangaroo cuddles in! My heart basically melted, and I feel like my life is complete. 
Tuesday was good. We went tracting in the morning then we got to see Crystal! Crystal is this beautiful lady who joined the church last October, and I'm kind of obsessed with her. She is a rocking little missionary and she just spent the last month in Logan, UT! Land of my heart! And she's possibly moving there, so that would make me so happy after my mission. We had dinner with Bishop, Deb, and their family that night. Deb is such an awesome lady! She was sharing experiences about her mission and I really just want to be a lot like her. She's a good person to look up to in the Gong. 
Wednesday was so much fun! We got to scale the fifth story of a building and call it service! Mwahahaha! That's pretty much as close to rock climbing as I'll ever get on my mission... But it was so much fun! Evelyn's windows were super dirty, and they needed a good washing. Sister Moon and I are both safe and sound, the blinds were extremely sturdy. :) Then we had a lesson with Jeff and it actually went really well. I was a little nervous at first that we were going to lose him, but it all worked out. Then we had a lesson wit Brad and it was also a very interesting lesson, but we're coming back next week so it sees to have gone okay. 
Thursday was fantastic! We had interviews with President and Sister Back. Interviews are always an interesting experience. But it was a good interesting and I was able to receive some guidance on some things that have been weighing heavy on my heart.  After interviews we went visiting teaching with Kayla, and tat was suer fun. We also went to see Kay, who just got out of hospital. When we asked her if there was anything we could do for her, she asked us to take her dog for a walk on the beach. Only in Australia does that count as service... haha. But when someone gets their knee replaced, walking a crazy dog like Frank is actually a burden. 
Friday was district training meeting! Woo! I actually really love our district this transfer. After training, we did heaps of tracting. I love tracting! I feel like we ran like mad after our meeting but all we really did was tract. We did however switch cars with the Elders and it was NASTY! Elo palongis! Elders need to learn how to clean. The smell was literally burning our eyes. 
Saturday was a god day. We did heaps of tracting once more. I guess that's what you do when you really have no investigators. After tracting we went and saw Shirley in hospital. She just had her hip replaced and was doped up to her eyebrows (Her words, not mine). Then Katrina threw a birthday party for Kathy and we joined them for dinner. I helped Katrina make this INCREDIBLE Thai dish and I am basically in love. It's going to be my new favorite thing to cook. 
Sunday was fantastic. Fasting has become an amazing thing on my mission. I absolutely love the feeling I get! I don't even feel hungry when I fast any more, I just feel pumped for the work. Also, testimony meeting gave me another new motto: "You can have anything you want in this world, as long as you don't want anything else more." What do you want more than anything else? Good soul searching question... After church we were driving to see a less active member, and we drove past Ana and Mele, our former investigators who just dropped off the face of the planet. So we flipped around and went back to talk to them! If you break up with me, you do it to my face, you don't just disappear! I'm not about that life! The we went and saw Theresa, and she is so lovely! We watered her garden with her and talked a bit and we're going back Tuesday to mulch. Woo! 
It was a fantastic week! It was actually pretty dang emotionally draining, but looking back on it, it was a blast! I think that's how missions go though... Speaking of missions going, I only have twelve fast Sundays left on mine. Aaaaagh. But in honor of that, I have decided to tell you twelve random things that have changed about me since I've been on my mission. Enjoy:
1. I eat cauliflower and green beans at least once a week, and actually enjoy it.
2. Actually, I eat most things these days besides tofu and pickles (Yes, even red sauce and kidney beans. Miracles happen people.).
3. I am slightly obsessed with doors and can tell you the quality of every one I knock. 
4. My favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon is Alma 38, and I want to be like Shiblon.
5. I am strangely proud of my shoe tan from tracting. 
6. I turn into a pumpkin at 9pm, which is before I used to even start work in University... 
7. My favorite album is the Best Two Years Soundtrack
8. I have to physically force myself to say my first name (Sister suits me).
9. Everything is "as." Sweet as. Crazy as. Mean as. Nasty as. Cool as. And I'm not swearing every two words, it's just how we talk here. 
10. My favorite Latter-day prophet to study is George Albert Smith. He's really incredible.
11. I think my emotions are broken. I've cried over things as simple as someone answering the phone but not shed a tear when people call me he scum of the Earth.... It's interesting.  
12. Life is a toughie, so I now believe 100% "Your life isn't falling apart, the Lord's plan is just falling together." Just remember that. 

So that's my life this week. Exciting as stuff. Sending my love, prayers, and a picture of me and a Roo,

Sister Danielle Laree Stott

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