Sunday, July 26, 2015

Attack of the Hot Water Bottle

Monday was so funny. I made lemon butter, because I was missing my mum. And it was delicious and reminded me how good of a family I have, and that my mum taught me right! ;) Monday night is a night that will go down in infamy. We were laying there in bed, and it was about 10:45pm and I heard Sister Moon hop off the top bunk and go into the kitchen for a minute. A few minutes later she hopped back on the top bunk. Then she starting SCREAMING! So I hopped out of the bottom bunk to see what was wrong and I get BOILING water all over my face!!!! Apparently her back was hurting and she wanted a hot water bottle. But we don't have a hot water bottle! So she tried putting boiling water in her normal water bottle and it melted it... Hahaha. What a night. Don't worry, we  threw together a rice pack for her and all was good in the world.
Tuesday wasn't as exciting. We taught a lesson to our investigator named Terry and did heaps and heaps of walking. We also saw a less active member named Pam. She is one of the sweetest ladies ever. I love our visits with her! She wants to teach us how to knit as well... Get prepared for some scarves!! 
Wednesday was really slow. We showed up for some return appointments and no one would answer their doors.... Then we saw two JWs tracting the street.... So that's probably why the people wouldn't let us back in. :/ Then we went and had a picnic and a lesson with Evelynn. Then we met a really nice member from the Dapto ward on the train that crossed like five carts just to say hi and offer to buy us lunch! I love when people are nice! We also went and had a lesson with Stella and she dropped us... It happens. But then we went to Katrina's and that was lovely as always. :) I love Wednesdays because I get my semi-weekly dose of hugs from her! 
Thursday wasn't really exciting at all. We went and saw a member that has been really sick. Then we went and met up with our investigator Brad. He's awesome. He has so many questions that teaching doesn't go the smoothest, but it means that he wants to learn! Thursday night we had MCM and it was good. Our ward mission leader and his wife are really involved, and it's super nice!
Friday we had district meeting and I got the most lovely surprise! My district leader had picked up the mail from the mission office a few weeks ago and then lost his jacket with it in there, with two letters for me from my friends! And then, he finally found his jacket! So I got mail! YAY! I haven't seen the beauty of an incoming envelope for some time. haha. What a glorious sight it was! And the elder didn't have to die for losing the mail anymore. 
Saturday was good! It's kind of crazy that it marked me being on my mission for 5 months... In a few weeks I have less than a year left. Kind of crazy... But we had a lesson with Grace and it was wonderful! I just really love her! She's starting to make progress and it makes my heart happy. We also did HOURS of tracting. But it paid off and we found seven potential investigators! We also celebrated 5 months by eating Thai food and getting ice cream at "Cold Rock." It's the Australian version of Cold stone. Hahaha. Too funny. 
Sunday was great! Church was really nice and we did heaps of tracting afterwards. We had dinner with Kathy and the girls and that was lots of fun.  I really just love the members here! 
It was a great week. The work is slowing down, but Sister Moon and I definitely aren't! We're sending our Spud Love back to the homeland, but leaving plenty here to share. :) 
Sister Danielle Laree Stott

This picture is just be trying to summon my inner islander. 

 "P-day activities a few weeks ago. Missionaries don't waste time when an opportunity to burn things arises."

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