Thursday, July 23, 2015

Don't Skip Your Morning Exercises....

Oh man, this week. I swear we NEVER stopped moving, and yet, it looks like we got absolutely nothing done. Tuesday after we emailed, we went to the Nan Tien Temple and went around taking pictures and just looking at cool Buddhist things. It was really fun. We had dinner that night with two of our investigators... Let's just say you know your pasta is made by an Indian woman when it is shockingly spicy. Haha.
Wednesday was hilarious. Quote of the day: "I should be ashamed of myself. I'm not, but I should be." Haha. We went and saw Evelynn for a bit and then we went to see Sister Friendly. I love both of those ladies! We had dinner with Katrina and it was the highlight of my Wednesday as usual. After Katrina's we went to go visit two members from Indonesia. And Indonesians are very much like Islanders where if they offer you food, you take it and then you take seconds. But sometimes their food scares me and their herbal tea scares Sister Moon. So she ate my tofu and I drank her tea. haha. That's love. 
Thursday was good. We tried seeing a bunch of different people but never made it inside the door. We had Missionary Coordination Meeting with the Hardwicks and the Elders. Elder Larsen is training a new missionary named Elder Kerr. It's weird without the Chinese speaking Elders around. 
Friday was good. We had District Meeting and it was a lot of fun. Then we went and saw Christene and a fwe other people around her. No one was too keen on letting us teach them a lesson, but this nice old man named Max did give us Pumpkin scones. Mmmm, scones. I'm slightly obsessed with the food in this country. We had dinner with Mama P that night too. I think she is a main contributor to why I love this food so much. That woman can make masterpieces... 
Saturday was so awesome! We went on a hike with the Hardwicks, the Elders, and their investigator named Matt. With the difficulty factored in, it was like a 10 kilometer hike. So I haven't hiked or rock climbed or anything in 10-11 months, so I was a little red in the face for a second and Elder Larsen yells, "You shouldn't skip your morning exercises!" Those are mighty brave words to use for an Elder... Haha. But it really wasn't that bad of a hike once I figured out how to breathe above sea level again. The Hardwicks have a super sweet family friend that we're trying to get to know. She seems interested in the Gospel, but it'll be a slow and steady process into teaching her. We went tracting for a while after the hike and it was heaps of fun. Then we went back over to the Hardwick's and went up to Campbelltown with them for the Stake Dance Festival. All of the youth did an amazing job! Then Sister Moon and I realized that we had promised the Primary a treat on Sunday, so we ran to the store and bought everything we needed to make Caramel Popcorn! Haha, procrastination doesn't die when you put a name badge on...
Sunday was really good. Church was amazing as usual. We went and stopped by Katrina's after church to give Cailin her popcorn, because she was too sick to come to church. :( After that we went tracting for a while and found a new investigator named Theresa! Woo! She is lovely and invited us right in to chat. The Coulson's had a big pot luck dinner and invited us over to get to know them and other members of the ward more. It was heaps of fun. 

This is a Buddhist Cemetery. There are a crazy amount of cremated people in there, and they just let you walk around inside. And you don't even have to be Buddhist to have your body stored in there after you die! 

I wish there was more to write, but it was an odd week. Just know that I'm loving it and trying really hard to be a good missionary and a good person. 

Sister Danielle Laree Stott 

Picture: Me and Sister Moon hiking

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