Monday, July 6, 2015

Sometimes You Celebrate America's Birthday on the Other Side of the World...

This week was insane. Tuesday was exchanges, and my companion was Sister Paongo. She is super full on and it was such a fun day! We went tracting heaps and she is an animal. I thought I was bold but dang, she really showed me how to step up. We went and saw a former investigator and had a good chat, but it ended with, "You know girls, the last missionaries didn't baptize me and neither will you." Of course we won't, we don't have the Priesthood. But I know a few people who do... ;) Also, I had an awesome experience during my studies! A few months ago I decided  to reread the Book of Mormon, and I finished it on Tuesday! That book is beautiful and I know that it contains the fullness of the Gospel. I'm so grateful that I read it again and that I have the opportunity to learn and grow from it every day! 
Wednesday was the first day of July, what the hey? The months are flying by, and I'm not sure how to handle that. We had a lesson with Evelynn and she is so wonderful! Then we had a lesson with Samuel and he is so keen it isn't even funny! I love that man! He is so prepared and so ready for knowledge. Then we went to a former investigator named Melanie's house and had a blast! She isn't too interested, but we found out her husband is a member! He went less active when he moved here from Fiji. But they let us share a message and invited us back. It was really awesome. We also went to see a former investigator named Blandine. She's from Congo and said we can come over to talk about Christ and eat African food. Aah yea, I'm stoked.  
Thursday started off so good. We had lunch with a less active member and it was a riot. Then we went tracting and found a new family to teach. Awesome! And then we went and visited a less active member and had a beautiful discussion on patience. It was such a good day! And then it went down hill. We accidentally locked both of our flat keys inside of the flat. So we had to sit outside for 2 hours until someone could unlock it. That's awkward right? Not even. President Back (well, the office) is the only one with a spare key, so President and Sister Back drove 3 hours to Wollongong and back to let us into our flat. OH THE SHAME! I just about died. But President and Sister Back laughed about it, so I think that means we're okay...
Friday was nuts! We wanted to have District Training Meeting on Mount Keira so we drove all the way out there. It's gorgeous! But cold and not the place for a meeting. haha. Then we went to KFC with the Elders and a Greek lady just grabbed my face and kissed me! This is the second time a Greek person has just grabbed me and kissed me here! What the hey! Sister Moon hit me with the car though, so I guess getting kissed by old people isn't as bad as that. hahaha. Then we went to see a less active member and shared a message with her, and then we went tracting. And we met this lady that told me that she was older and so was her religion so obviously she's right. And then she bashed on how we were straight out of a convent and our religion oppresses women. I AM NOT A NUN, PEOPLE. Then we went to see a less active member named Christene, and she took us to the Nan Tien Temple. It's the largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere. It was pretty cool. Then we tried sharing a message with her and she didn't like that.... Awkward. 
Saturday was crazy! We had a lesson with Grace which  was going  great, then her friend Elsie walked into her house.... And Elsie is one of our potential investigators we've been trying to meet! It was kind of insane that she just fell into our laps like that. So that was cool. Then we were eating lunch and the Elders called us and said, "hey, do yous have mini-missionaries?" And we said, "no." And  they said, "Uhh, yea, you do." Apparently they forgot to tell us about it a month ago. So we drove all the way to McArthur to pick up two young women to be our companions for the week. My mini is named Lehi Osman and she is so sweet! It's going to be a super fun week.
Sunday was great. We went to church and our new ward mission leader is super full on. He's slightly insane, and I love it! It means work is going to get done! Then I took Sister Osman tracting and we met some really interesting people. We met this homeless guy and he asked for money and when we said we didn't have any he said God wasn't there. Thank you for scarring my 17 year old companion for life before she puts her mission papers in! Yeesh. But the day got so awesome after that. Katrina threw a 4th of July party for us! :D So we went over there and had sparklers and glow sticks. We ate hot dogs, fries, and fry sauce! And then we roasted marshmallows! It was so American I almost cried!!! 
Well that's my week, it was really fun. Transfer calls are on Saturday (I swear they just came) so our p-day next week will be on Tuesday, not the usual Monday. So we'll see if Sister Moon and I stay together in the Gong, or what the plan is! Who knows, I guess you'll find out in 8 days. ;) 
Sending my love and prayers, and the occasional missing you,
Sister Danielle Laree Stott

Picture: President just hanging out, letting us into our flat so we can have 3 sets of keys.... 

I'm really not counting down, promise. BUT I hit a milestone this week. So I had to take a picture. ;) July is the last month I have 2 of on my mission, so yea, kinda crazy. I'll see you after I do this crazy adventure 3 more times! 

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