Monday, June 29, 2015

Sometimes Members Poison You on Purpose....

So sometimes people don't understand our purpose as missionaries. Monday after p-day we went to an appointment to meet an investigator and he thought we were on a date. So it was really awkward and he didn't like how we just wanted to talk about the Gospel. Haha. That's always fun. Also, hair dressers are really expensive here. So Sister Moon is now the assigned companionship hair cutter. She does a good job. No split end is safe. ;)  
Tuesday was great. We taught a lesson to an investigator the last sisters had, but he isn't too keen on believing in God. So he didn't want to have another lesson. Then we went and taught a lesson to Kieren! We met him on the street a few weeks ago when he was waiting for his mates, so we started chatting. And we finally caught him at home! At first he didn't seem too interested in our message, but after listening to us for like ten minutes his whole countenance changed! It was really really neat. I love this Gospel!!!! Then we tried to go see Vanessa and she apparently gave us the wrong address and wrong phone number. So we are now on a mission to tract that entire suburb and find her. 
Wednesday our first two appointments of the day stood us up, but no worries! We still met Samuel, and he is really really keen. He has a lot of good soul searching questions and in the words of Sister Moon is "totes baptizable." hahaha. I think that missions make people really weird, because things like that are really funny to me now. We went tracting a lot as well, and that was a bit rough. But no worries. One day someone super keen will answer the door. :) So we'll keep knocking! Also, we got invited over to a member's home for tea.... I thought that when someone invites you over for tea that's just like hot choc and bickies. But NO! It's a full blown meal. So yea, we shouldn't have had dinner before our tea date. 
Thursday was wonderful because it was Zone Conference! Our zone is super rad. President and Sister Back gave amazing training and I really need to step up my game. My favorite quote was from one of the Assistants and he said, "You need to grow your faith so strong that you can jump out of the boat and not be surprised when you walk on water." I thought, "Dang! Where do I get that kind of faith?!" After Zone Conference we hurried back to Wollongong for an appointment, but they stood us up. So that wasn't very nice. But we had dinner with Katrina as usual, and that made my heart happy. :) 
Friday was consumed by heaps of planning, but no worries. Everything needs a plan! :) I have developed a very unhealthy addiction to the area book and my planner.... And I like it. Then we had a list of heaps of less actives we were going to visit, but we made the mistake of going to see a particular one first. We had four hours to visit people and by time we got a word in to say we had to go we only had thirty minutes left.... Some people here REALLY love to chat. But it was a really good visit. :) We also had a Ward Trivia Night, which was super fun. :) A lot of people in the ward are super competitive, so it was really intense. 
Saturday was good and bad and I am still trying to pinpoint my emotions about it to be honest. Saturday morning was fantastic because we got to see Grace again! We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and when she was saying the closing prayer, she prayed that she could know what she needed to do to reach the Celestial Kingdom. And I dang near cried because I love her so much! She's our shining star right now. Aah, so sweet. Then we went to go see Amy and Paige to teach them the last few lessons before their baptism on July 5th.... And they dropped us like hot potatoes (No Idahoans joke intended). They just quit and don't want to be baptized anymore. So that was rough and we don't know how to change their minds. They were so keen! What the heck, Satan?! And then the day went down from there. Have you ever heard of the Wollongong Brotherhood? Of course not, because it's terrifying and no one is brave enough to talk about it.  It's this awful thing that a member does to the missionaries in the area and we're sworn to secrecy. Let's just say Sister Moon and I were super sick, especially Sister Moon. Dragon's Blood is not a nice substance, that's all I'll say. 
Sunday was intense! I am utterly terrified of the Wollongong Senior Primary. Sister Moon and I taught sharing time and the Junior Primary loves us! Senior Primary was scary. After church we went tracting and we met some really neat people! We're going to try to go back and see them all this week, so I'll let you know how it goes. :) Then we had dinner with Sister Levis and her girls, and it was super fun. We had a yummy Indian dish and then played "Don't Eat Gummy!" It was a grand ol' time! Then we went to see less active members but none of them were overly excited about us trying to visit them.... So we didn't get to stay and teach a lesson. No worries though, one day they'll let someone in! 
It was a good week. We learned a lot about the area, about each other, and about the Gospel. I'm loving every minute of this crazy life I'm living. :) Have you ever heard "On My Way" on the Brother Bear soundtrack? Because I feel like I can count it as my jam. Haha. 
Sending my love and prayers,
Sister Danielle Laree Stott

Picture: Sometimes Sister Moon and I are super adorable and coordinate outfits for Zone Conference. :D 

The recipe for bliss: Australia + Tire Swing + Tracting + Crazy Missionary. 

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