Monday, June 8, 2015

Two Spuds in the Gong

In the words of Pocahontas, "Wingapo!"
Holy tilido, it's been a party and a nightmare combined into one. And I LOVE IT.
So Tuesday Sister Mata'afa and I went to a cool Buddhist temple so I could get to learn a little bit more about what a good chunk of the people I'll be working with believe in. It was really cool and confusing. haha. And then Sister Mata'afa and I went and had dinner with President and Sister Back and the rest of the trainers and talked about how we can help our new companions survive the culture shock. So that was fun. :)
Wednesday was good. We went and waited at the mission office for all of the new arrivals to come. And there were so many! It was slightly ridiculous how many people we jammed into a room! And then the moment of truth came... Who would be my new companion? Well, there's this cute little blonde from Rigby, ID named Sister Moon. 

And we knew each other at Utah State. She's been VISA waiting in California and finally made it to Australia. So I'm getting the opportunity to culture train her into the Australia Sydney South Mission and Australia in general. So that's crazy and fun! She's pretty great.
Thursday was a bit terrifying. Sister Moon had to learn how to drive on the left side of the road.... But she did great! And then we headed to Wollongong. Woo! We did our weekly planning and tried to figure out the map for a while. Then we had a dinner appointment with the Stewarts. They are just absolutely lovely! I'd met their mum earlier and so we had the appointment set up so Sister Moon could get to meet some awesome Australians and try some good food! Needless to say, Vegemite filled chocolate is not her favorite. :) I actually kind of liked it.
Friday we had district training meeting. It's kind of funny because there are 6 missionaries, and we all serve in the same ward. Two Elders speak Mandarin, and then we have English Elders, and us. :) I am eternally grateful that I get to be Palongi and not try to teach in Mandarin. After DTM we went and saw Evelyn, a less active member. She is just lovely! She has really bad health, so that's the main reason that she is not active. And then we had a lesson with our investigator Thomas! He is Chinese and loves the Gospel! His only problem is that his family thinks that if he gets baptized, he'll never find a wife. So we are just praying hard for his family's hearts to be softened. 
Saturday was great! We went and visited a mother and a daughter, Ana and Mele. I love Tongans so much! We chatted for a bit and they invited us back for lunch and a lesson this next week. Woo! And then we were on the train and met this guy named Ross and gave him our number and guess what... He called. Which is great but what was freaky was his number was already saved in the phone! o.0 Apparently he used to be an investigator. And he is Italian, so that's cool. So we are starting to teach him again. And then we went street contacting for a bit and we met this neat young man named Kieren, and he is letting us come back as well. It was great.
Sunday was great! We were pumped to go to church and meet heaps of people! But unfortunately due to the long weekend due to the Queen's birthday, no one was at church. We seriously had maybe 20 people there. haha. But after church was great! Sister Moon and I made delicious Mexican food. Sister Moon even taught me how to make tortillas from scratch! Yup, I found my new diet. We tried seeing a lot of less active members and active members that afternoon, but they are really bad at updating the ward list the missionaries we have. We knocked on a few doors where the members that lived there died a few years ago... No wonder they're less active...
Monday was great! It was the Queen's birthday, hence why it wasn't p-day. But we did heaps of tracting and visiting members and less actives and we ended up getting two new investigators! We also had some interesting conversations with incredibly drunk people, but it's cool. It's always an adventure. :) 
The work is going great! I'm happy, healthy, and ready to work hard, play hard, and pray hard. It's going to be a great transfer! 
Sending my love,

Sister Danielle Laree Stott

Look! Buried treasure we found at the beach. :)

Dad did some google earth stalking, here is her new home.

These pajamas are how I'm grieving with the fact that 90% of my loves ones have seen the new Avengers movie over a year before I will. They're also really nice for winter. 

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