Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wollongong With WHO?! He used the "T" word....

Hello! I have some utterly terrifying news for all of yous. But I will wait until the end to tell you just how terrifying.
So last Monday was actually really fun. We went to Mortdale and played sports with heaps of other missionaries. Some of the Tongan and Samoan Elders and myself decided that we were going to box! So that was fun. Apparently I can hit pretty hard, but all of them were at least twice my size, so I don't think their "ouch"es were too sincere. 
Tuesday was kind of a big deal! We drove for a few hours to go to mission conference with Elder Quentin L. Cook, Elder Pearson, and Elder Liota. They are amazing men! I was able to shake all of their hands and hug their wives. Elder Cook told me it was nice to meet me and I looked like a good missionary. I forgot to breathe for a second. It got me pumped for the work even more! Then we went over to GG's and helped her clean a bit more and had a lesson. 
Wednesday was kind of sad. It seems like everyone cancels at once or no one cancels. That was a day that everyone cancelled. We went to try to see a few less active members that day, but nothing overly exciting or spiritual to report on.
On Thursday the cancellations continued! I just want people to feel our love! But more importantly, the Savior's love!It's really frustrating when people shut love out. But since everyone cancelled, we were able to do really thorough planning for the next week for whoever would stay and their new companion. We were also able to see miracles with a less active member that we visited that night! Without going into too much detail, she did a 180 degree turn to righteousness overnight and literally brought tears to my eyes! I love seeing the Spirit touch people!
Friday was grand. We talked to heaps of drunk people and heard some very interesting interpretations of the Bible from them. hahaha. We had out last MCM with Brother Rispoli. Both of the Elders left Sutherland a few days later. That night we went to Monica's for dinner! It was sooooo much fun. She invited Margaret, Ellia, Adrienne, and Morgan. Some are members, some aren't. It was a blast! Monica is from Brazil and made some really good food. I don't know how Austin didn't get fat serving there. It was so good!
Saturday I got a phone call and was told to pack my bags.... We saw a few less actives and a few members that day. We went to the Liehrs for dinner and I was able to say goodbye. They are the best cooks and bakers! Chocolate Pavlova is ridiculously amazing. Angus also found new stuff about me on the internet this week.... Little creep. Just kidding, I love him in his own quirky little way.
Sunday was emotional. I gave a talk in sacrament meeting, and sobbed taking pictures with the members I got close to.But the emotions didn't stop there. We were studying after church and President Back called. He said, "Sister Stott, I hear you're getting transferred. Want to know why?" And I said, "What's going on President?!" And he said, "Sister Stott, I'm going to ask you something. Will you train a new missionary?" And I dang near dropped the phone. I'm shotgunning another area and training. I can feel the gray hairs forming. But the Lord will give me the strength I need to do what He has asked of me! 
Monday and Tuesday have been kind of awkward. Sister Mata'afa and I are both shotgun training, but we can't go to our areas without our companions. So we're spending the time together studying, buying sweaters, and trying to find potential investigators for random areas of the mission. It's kind of weird being in limbo. Haha.
Well that's my news. I am training a new missionary and shotgunning a new area. All I know about Wollongong is that I'm the first white sister to be called there in a long time, so we'll see how it goes! There are a lot of Mandarin speaking people there, so hopefully my companion has some language skills. I'll let yous know in a week!

Sending my love, prayers, and an occasional funny moment, 

Sister Danielle Laree Stott

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