Monday, June 15, 2015

Putting the "Member" in "Remember"

Tuesday we only took a half p-day, so after we emailed all of yous we went to work! And we decided the best way to start the work was to try to meet heaps of members in the area, since there were only maybe two dozen at church last week. So we went and visited several members that night and shared short messages with them to let them know our purpose and let them know we care. It was a fun day and we got to know heaps of people.
Wednesday we had a lunch appointment with two of our investigators and after knocking on their door for twenty minutes we got the idea they didn't want us to come in.... Rude. Don't worry, we'll go back again. :) We'll force our love on them if we have to! And we went tracting a ridiculous amount after that, but it was great! We met this sweet lady named Vanessa and she thinks that our message could really bless her and her son. So we taught a short lesson and set up a return appointment! They're both so great. Then we went to go see a member but we forgot that we had met them on Sunday... So they thought it was awfully weird that we were introducing ourselves. Oops! Then we tried to see a less active member and she wasn't home, but her three sons were. They aren't members and said that they needed help, so we are going to start working with them. That night we had dinner with Katrina and her family. I'll be honest, that woman makes the best pancakes I have ever had. The only thing that was missing was real Maine maple syrup. :) Really though, I love that family. They are so great! Then we went and met the Bailey family. Brother Bailey is so cool! They have this beautiful brick home and he told us all about how he built it by himself for only $127! Dang, I want that man to teach me his ways! I thought I was savvy but I have been put to shame. 
Thursday was a good day. We had a lunch appointment with a member and she took us to this yummy Thai restaurant. I have officially decided that I love Thai food! Both the company and the food were great. Then we went to try to get to know a few other members. We ended up at a less active member named Shirley's home and oh my lanta, that woman is HILARIOUS. She's really old, but she was telling us all about how she fan-girls over Sherlock and Lord of the Rings. She also told us how she can't sing to save her life but she isn't tone deaf, so she knows she can't sing! I laughed so hard. I decided she is me if I were old, less active, and Australian. haha. Then we had dinner with the Jacksons. They are so sweet. I really love the people in the Wollongong area. They are really down to Earth and personable. 
Friday was so much fun. We had our zone training meeting and then we took the last half of our p-day from Tuesday with the zone! We went to Towradgi beach and threw some sausages on the barby. It was so great. I felt really Australian. We had a little barby, bummed it on the beach, and I played some Rugby with the Elders. Sister Moon played for a bit as well, but apparently most sisters don't enjoy that type of thing. I loved it. After our time on the beach, we cleaned up and went and had a lesson with Thomas. He is such a great guy! And he wants to get baptized so bad! But his family is so against it. It stinks. After our appointment with him we had a quick dinner with Katrina because we had to use her computer to send a quick email to the mission office, and Katrina is not the type of person to let you go hungry. She is so sweet. After that, we went to see a member and she ended up having a little movie night with heaps of other members! So we got to know a lot of people in one stop. :) 
Saturday was really good. We went tracting for a bit and no one was overly excited to see us, but no one was overly mean either. So it was a good time. Then we went and had a lesson with Amy. We talked about the Book of Mormon for a while and she said that she knew it was true! So we invited her to be baptized and she said that she and her daughter would like to be baptized on July 5th. So let the preparation begin. :) They are so golden! Then we went and saw a less active member and her little son. We tried to see a lot of other people as well, but every time we got to a house we felt promptings that it wasn't safe. So it wasn't an overly productive night, but it was a safe night. :) 
Sunday was the test. Would we be able to remember all of the names that we had learned throughout the week?! Well, we did pretty well if I don't say so myself. We didn't call anyone the wrong name or anything! I was very proud of us. :) 
It's going great here in the Gong. I love Sister Moon and the work we are going together! We're really making headway in this ward and I know that we are here for a great purpose.
Sending my love and prayers,
Sister Danielle Laree Stott

Picture: South Coast Zone Sisters on P-day

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