Sunday, May 31, 2015

Transfer week so no letter:(

We received these emails from people in Australia this week. Dani is moving areas so she will not have an opportunity to email us.

My name is Sister Berrey.  I live in Pocatello and recently attended a ward in Sydney.  In RS I met two beautiful sister missionaries.  One of these is your vivacious & happy daughter.  She loves her mission & her companion.

Their enthusiasm for the work is contagious!

Dear Mr and Mrs Stott 
your lovely daughter Sister Stott has been serving in the Sutherland Ward Sydney Australia for the past 6 weeks and today she found out that she is going to be transferred to another area and that she also will be training other missionaries, so she asked me to email you  tonight because she will not be able to email you on Monday (tomorrow) as she will be in transit. We are very sad in our ward to see her go, her beautiful smile, gentle nature and amazing commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ captivated all of us, she is a great missionary and will make a difference wherever she goes, we'll miss Sister Stott!
She has also gave me your email because I'll be travelling to Las Vegas and Salt Lake City in August for a holiday, she was hopeful that I could catch up with Mr Stott as she told me that he travels quite a bit to these places,  I'll send more details of my trip soon.
It has been a great joy to have met and work with Sister Stott.
Warmest Regards 
Monica King 
Relief Society President 

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