Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sister Palongi

Greetings from the land of bipolar weather... No, not Idaho. Just the Shire. :) 
So Tuesday was kind of insane. We got a call during our studies that one of the recent converts in the ward was in the medical center, so we rushed to another suburb to try to see her! And she had checked herself out. So we rushed to her house! And she was in heaps of pain, so we helped around the house so she didn't have to worry about trying to do a million things. Then we tried to see a few less active members. And we knocked on GG's door (no name will be mentioned due to the story I shall tell). And she started bawling as soon as she saw our name badges! She had a psychiatric crack and was so overwhelmed. She is a hoarder and had just had a kitchen fire. She had been praying for some sort of help and then we knocked on the door. And she doesn't like to answer the door, but she felt prompted to. And it was us! So she told us all of this and then I just started crying too. So we set up a day and time we could come back to help. Then we were riding the train home and this man sneezed and I said, "Bless you!" And we started chatting. We talked about what missionaries do and I invited him to come to church on Sunday. He asked, "Will you be there?" And I said, "Of course!" And he said, "Sweet. Do you have a boyfriend?" And I started giggling and said, "No. I currently don't believe in dating." And he said, "What?! You should?" And I said, "Will you come on Sunday?" And he said, "Maybe" and then winked. Blegh. I'm here to convert, not to flirt! 
Wednesday we went and helped the same recent convert we helped on Tuesday. Then we went and contacted a potential named Guanna. She used to babysit our ward mission leader. Haha. Too cute! She was really sweet but not interested. Then we tried to contact a potential investigator family, but they were packing to go to Tonga. But the mom hugged me and kissed my cheek (everyone does that here) and said, "We'll see you in a month Sister Palongi!" Palongi is what islanders call white people. It's really weird being the whitest person for once. 
Thursday we went and taught Vanessa about the Plan of Salvation! That was.... interesting. She has very interesting views and isn't too keen on changing them. Darn that agency. Haha, just kidding. Agency is the best! 
Friday was great. We had District Training in the morning and then we went to help GG. We helped de-h
oard her kitchen and then had a lesson about how the atonement can help us through anything! It was a really humbling experience to be honest. She is such an incredible woman and she just kept saying, "God sent you two to give me hope." It was a good learning experience for me.
Saturday was interesting. Nothing that I can really email about though. EXCEPT, Josh! Josh is really smart and did his Masters thesis on Joseph Smith. He is currently doing his PhD thesis on LDS missionaries. He investigated the church for a year and knows 100% that the church is true. But being baptized could compromise his PhD process, so he is at a crossroad. But we've ran into him heaps this week, so we convinced him to come to church with us in the morning.
Sunday was great! It was Stake Conference and Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and Elder Cummings of the Quorum of the Seventy spoke. It was incredible! And Josh came and he loved it too! That night we had a onesie party with the Irelands. It was great. We all put on our onesies and had a great dinner and chat! It was really fun. :) 
The work is going great. I can't believe that I've been gone for 3 months today and in Sutherland for 6 weeks this week. The time is going by too fast and I feel like I can't soak it all in! But I'll keep trying. :) 
Sending my love, prayers, and thoughts,
Sister Danielle Laree Stott

Picture: You know it's windy when you're tracting and it looks like you're wearing pants, not a skirt.

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