Sunday, May 17, 2015

It's Always an Adventure...

Islanders (Tongans, Samoans, Mauris) have this fear that missionaries don't know how to go grocery shopping. So they make sure to give us heaps of food whenever we visit them. We were visiting the Katoas last Monday and when we left, they gave us SIX full chickens, five containers of garlic sauce, four liters of lemonade, and two loaves of bread. So don't ever worry about me starving, worry about me not fitting on the trains. hahaha.
Tuesday was exciting. We went back to try to teach some of the potential investigators we found the previous week and has quite the adventure with one of them. His wife answered the door and was not excited to see us. She told us if she heard of us talking to her husband again we had better watch out. Apparently the Elders had tracted into them before and had her marked as a do not contact... Wish we had known that. But it's all good! We also had interviews with President and Sister Back that day. They're both really amazing and I loved having some one on one time with them. At the end of my interview with President he said, "Sister Stott, you're a good missionary. You're going to be a good wife." I don't know where that came from, but aren't mission presidents supposed to help you be focused on the work not on marriage? Silly President Back... That night we had dinner with the Liehrs. They are super hilarious! But they have a  16 year old son who has found my Facebook and blog... (I'm watching you Angus). 
Wednesday the weather really stunk. But that's okay! We went and helped a member who just had a baby. She's had two infections since she had her baby so we just helped her around the house so she had less to worry about. She's really awesome and gives us heaps of referrals of people to teach. We went to see a less active couple that night and they spent a good ten minutes trying to figure out my ethnicity. Greek, Italian, Brazilian, Australian, Mauri, Canadian, etc. Then I was in the middle of reading a scripture and the wife goes, "Aah! American!" My accent is weakening, but apparently still there. 
Thursday we went and saw Sister Stammers are usual! Aah, I love that woman! She is trying to get us to convert the whole second floor of her nursing home. Haha. Sister King had us over for dinner that night with a few other people. She made 3 main dishes! And chips! And two desserts! It's a good thing we walk at least 10 kilometers a day... Also, we were at the train station and we started talking to this guy, and he used to be an investigator! But he couldn't find  the chapel when he moved to the shire so he stopped investigating. So we're hopefully going to start teaching him this week!
Friday.... Well.... Apparently I look like an ash tray. Hahaha. We've walked past this old man on a bench smoking quite a few times, but we're always in a hurry when we do! But we were walking back to our flat for lunch and we passed him! And I knew I had to invite him to learn now that we actually had time! So I sat down by him, introduced myself, and invited him to learn about the Restored Gospel. And he blew his smoke into my face, said, "goodbye," and put his cigarette out on me. -.- But apparently if life as a missionary or a teacher doesn't work out, I can be a professional ash tray.... So I went and changed my dress and then we went to contact a referral named Vanessa! When we got there she started talking about mowing her lawn... Apparently she thought we were full time yard work volunteers. But she didn't have a lawn mower, and neither did we. So it was awkward.... But then we taught her the Restoration and it was all good! :)
Saturday morning we, the Elders, and some priesthood members help a family move. It was fun except Elder Duran and I ran into some issues. I was representing my USU Aggies wearing my game day shirt, and he showed up in a Utes shirt.... Eww.... There was a little bit of a turf war going on. Then we got stood up for three different appointments... No worries though! That night though we had a Polynesian Night! So all of the Polynesian sisters in the ward made traditional food and taught us how to dance and do the stick games. It was really fun. 
Sunday well.... AARON ROLLINS GOT BAPTIZED! But it was in Skowhegan. I hope they send me pictures. I love that man so much! As for this side of the world, it was a pretty quiet day. We walked an hour to get stood up for an appointment, and had to walk an hour home. That wasn't too exciting. 
Monday is going great! We went and taught a lesson this morning to a wonderful woman named Debbie. She's a baptist and really wants to learn about what we have to say. SO that was really neat. :) 

Sending my love and my prayers, I hope you never question that!

Sister Danielle Laree Stott

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