Monday, May 11, 2015

Giraffes can serve missions now.

So.... sometimes Sister Stott is a bit clumsy, right? Apparently switching hemispheres doesn't change that at all. Last Monday we were at the train station waiting for our train for 30 minutes so we could go to another part of our area to do a bit of tracting. Well Sister Albano was talking up a storm to one of the station workers when the train came. So I put one leg on the train and one on the platform, thinking it would work like when you put one leg in the elevator, you know? But it didn't! So the train door started closing, and I was hopping on one leg trying to catch the door but I pulled it out because the door dang near closed on it! And then I sat down on the platform and put my face on the train glass in despair because the next train wasn't for another 30 minutes! But I must have looked pretty pathetic because the train conductor took mercy on us and opened the door so we could get on. The people that saw the whole thing thought it was really funny.... I did not.
Tuesday was pretty great. We went to Kirrawee and saw Jennifer and Gabrielle. Jennifer has been investigating the church for three years, and Gabrielle is her younger sister. Jennifer is in her early 60's and Gabrielle is turning 57 this week. Gabrielle has down syndrome and is pretty much the sweetest. We had a nice visit and when we went to leave Gabrielle grabbed my hands and kissed them, kissed my cheek, and said, "I love you Sister Stott." Yup, I melted like a popsicle. SO SWEET. Then we hopped on a train to Engadine and had a visit and supper with Joanne. I was talking to her son, Hugo, who is about 4 and he leaned in and said, "I got a present for my mum for Mum's Day. She's going to love it. Do you want to know what it is?" And I said, "Sure." And he said, "But it's a secret, you can't tell anyone." SO I said, "Okay." And he said, "Okay, you tell your family but no one else." Haha. Too cute! He got her a necklace, in case you were wondering. Don't tell him I told you! Then we had a lesson with Adrienne and headed home. We were waiting at the train station and this drunk man came up to me and said, "My, you look quite pretty." I thanked him and he said, "I'm going the other way, but I could come home with you. Do you want me to follow you?" I declined then he acted all put out. Rude. Haha.  
Wednesday wasn't overly productive. Sister Albano had a doctor's appointment that took a good chunk of the morning. Then we went and saw a member named Charlie. She changed her name though, so she is getting rebaptized in a few months... So we're teaching her like an investigator. Then we went to visit Kim with Monica. Kim is just returning to activity and Monica is the Relief Society president here, so it was a good visit.
On Thursday everyone and their dog cancelled on us. But we did get to see Lady Margarette Armstrong Jones again! She tried for ten minutes to bribe us to tell her our first names, but we wouldn't. So she grabs me and says, "Just whisper your name in my ear." So I leaned in and whispered, "Sister Stott." And she smacked me! But then she hugged me and started dancing while singing, "Long live America!" I can't decide if she's sane or not.... But she sure does love America!
Friday was most excellent. We had Zone Training and the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders did fantastic. 111 missionaries are leaving the mission by October, so the lesson was on being trunky. hahaha. And then that night we switched companions for our 24 hour STL exchange and I received Sister Sunday. She's from Morgan, UT and finishes her mission in 3 weeks.
 Saturday was probably my favorite day in Australia so far. Sister Sunday worked me to the ground! It was fantastic!  We went and visited Julie, and she still doesn't want to come to church. But she let us teach her a lesson and said she likes our visits. So that was kind of frustrating since she knows what she needs to do, but refuses to. We also went and saw Carol that day and had a lesson with her. Then we went and tried to see heaps of potential investigators and less active members. And then we went tracting! We seriously only stopped moving our legs when we were teaching. We found heaps of potential investigators to teach! It was fantastic. We were walking past a cemetery but above it has a sign for the main road that said, "This way Jannali." And Sister Sunday saw Jannali and said, "I know someone that lives there." But all I saw was the cemetery. So I was really confused and asked her, "the cemetery?" It was really funny and awkward. I hope my awkwardness makes it across the world clearly through emails...
Sunday was great! We left our flat at 7:15am to catch a train and walk to the chapel for Ward Council at 7:50am.... But they cancelled it and told everyone but us. We we sat on the steps of the church and read scriptures for an hour. haha. Church was great and everyone just talked about how great their mums are. Yayy Mother's Day! We did a little bit of tracting and then went to the Ireland's so Sister Albano could Skyp her mum. I just got to hang out with the family for a bit. It was fun.
Today is going great! I got to Skype my family! Yayy! Happy American Mother's Day! Haha. That was pretty awesome. And then Leisa took us to Onesie Land! It's just a store with heaps of onesies. I bought a giraffe one of course. 
It's been a great week and the work is starting to pick up a bit! Thank goodness! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, know that I'm returning them.

 Sending my love.

Sister Danielle Laree Stott

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