Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Koala Crossings

Oh what a week. Planning for four missionaries rather than two takes heaps more work than you'd think. But it's been a beautiful week! Last Monday after we emailed, we took the girls to the beach. And it was super fun! But also extremely awkward. I was eating chips and  then a swarm of seagulls hovered over me trying to eat them! And then, a couple of men playing rugby in their skimpies tried striking up a conversation with us.... Awkward. But that night we went and had Family Home Evening with Mel and her family, and it was so much fun! They're so wonderful.
Tuesday was a good day. We went tracting heaps and found a few potentials. I did however make the mistake of taking Sister Osman to the ghetto, and I think it freaked her out a little. HOWEVER, we did get a new investigator named Terry, so that was neat. We went over to the Jeffrey's and shared a message with them and then we shared a message with Sister Chelton. Sister Osman needed to teach three lessons a day for her mini mission so less active members and active members were a lot less intimidating for her than investigators. Then we went over to the Bailey's house for dinner and it was so much fun! I love islanders.
Wednesday was super fun. We started the day off by painting Katrina's hallway a bit. Then we went and saw some other members and let Sister Osman and Sister Fa'oa take the lead on teaching the lessons. They did awesome. Then we went to Katrina's for dinner and I just really love that woman and her family. Then we went to the Clancy's and it was really fun.
Thursday was fun! We had weekly planning and it was weird because when we were planning, we didn't know who would be staying in Wollongong the next week to carry out the plans! Then Sister Osman and I had an appointment with an investigator named Brad, and he showed up two hours late. But when he finally did show up, the lesson was great! Then we went and did some gardening for a member here. Then we had missionary coordination meeting with the Hardwicks and it was super fun. They are so full on, and I love it! It means we're actually going to get some work done around here! 
Friday was great. It was our Zone Training Meeting and it was really good. After training we went and finished the gardening job that we started on Thursday. Then Katrina threw a going away party for Elder Coats and Elder Ee, who are both going home this week. It was so much fun! We had a little jam session and sang hymns on the ukulele so investigators and it was a good time. 
Saturday wasn't overly exciting. We got our transfer calls! And Sister Moon and I are both staying in Wollongong for another 6 weeks. Crazy! Wollongong is officially my longest area.... Not like it had much competition for a long stay. haha. We also had to take our little mini missionaries back home. :( I love them! They're so sweet and I wish they could've stayed longer.
Sunday was a good day. We had church and then we went to see a Sister who got in a really bad accident over the weekend. She's doing well though, so that's good. That night, we all went up to Kiri's so she could say goodbye to the Elders. And she made the most killer dessert ever. I think I'm in love. Between Fried Chocolate Sandwiches and Diabetes in a Dish, I understand why my friend gained 40 kgs in the Melbourne mission. 
Monday was a great day! We met two very interesting men named Giuseppe and Jeff. We shared messages with each of them and it was a good experience. That night we had dinner with the Clancy's and I just love them. They told us all about how they came to fall in love and wow, it was a super amazing story! I think they're both really neat, and it was a really fun night. 
Sorry that nothing overly exciting happened this week, but you know, such is life. I'm really loving the mission and I'm so grateful I get to spend more time in Wollongong! 
Thinking of you,
Sister Danielle Laree Stott

Picture: I love this strange, strange place that I live in. 

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