Monday, August 17, 2015

"You have health insurance, right?"

"You have health insurance, right?" is not the question one tends to like to hear when they show up to do service. However, on Tuesday that's the first thing that Teresa asked us when we showed up to do work in her garden. Apparently Australian gardens aren't the safest places, considering all of the crazy bugs. But we didn't die, so that's good. We went and made dinner with two of our former investigators that night. We made Mexican food for them and they really really... did not like it. It was awkward. Haha.
Wednesday was good. We went and saw Evelyn and then we went and helped Deb put together some furniture. We're pretty much pro at following IKEA instructions so I think I know where I'm going to work when I go home. Haha, jokes. We had dinner with Katrina and in honor of my mum and dad's anniversary, I told plenty of awkward and embarrassing stories. :) Just kidding, I only told one. But we all got a good roar out of it. 
So.... Thursday.... Started off pretty interesting. We had to go take some medicine to be de-wormed.... De-worming medicine on the positive just tastes like American chocolate.... Which isn't that good when you've been eating Australian chocolate for a long time. We tried to see heaps of potentials and look for service opportunities. So hopefully we get the volunteer job! We went and met a new less active member and she is... interesting. Her life is really rough, and she doesn't necessarily love Yanks, but she was pretty nice all things considered. 
Friday was excellent. Elder Larsen does a splendid job at district training and I always leave feeling nice and chastised, but in a good way! Like a, "I'm going to improve" way, not a "I hate that mean District Leader" way. We taught a few lessons that day but no one wanted us to come back and teach again. We also went and contacted a referral, and that was interesting. The whole time we were there she kept yelling, "My enemy sent you! My enemy!" So yea, we left. We had dinner with Kiri and if I come home super fat, it is all that woman's fault. She can cook and bake like none else. 
Saturday was great. We went and saw a less active member and did a bit of service for her.... She gave us some dresses that she thought might fit.... But they're literally double our sizes... It's pretty fantastic. You'll enjoy the pictures. We also met a few potential investigators, and I learned something new! If you make your own rum, you actually bake it in the oven. So if I ever become an apostate pirate, I know how. hahaha. Jokes. 
Sunday was great. We taught Sunday school again and it was fun. After church we did a little tracting and went and saw Shirley in the hospital. She's pretty funny. I really enjoy her. We had dinner with a family that really reminds me of Jordan and Whitney, so that was heaps of fun. It was kind of like a glimpse into their future home. haha. 
The work is going great. I've been in Wollongong with Sister Moon for three months, and I think one of us is getting kicked out next week. No matter what happens, I'll write on my Tuesday (your Monday) rather than my Monday. Hope all is well and I'll write you then.

Sincerely yours,
Sister Danielle Laree Stott

Pictures: Our fantastic dresses. Our fantastic district.

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