Monday, March 30, 2015

I don't even get to do this 17 more times. :(

Hello, hello, hello!

This week was quite an interesting one. But it was absolutely amazing at the same time. It's funny how that happens in the missionary life.

So last Monday, we drove to Manchester New Hampshire, which took us about 5 hours. But don't worry, it was totally worth it because Tuesday was New Missionary Training! Which was just pretty much just talks all day on if you're obedient, your heart is consecrated, and you serve with all of your heart, might, mind, and strength, then you're going to be an awesome missionary. If you're not going to do these things, change your attitude. Okay, President Stoker is a lot more eloquent of a speaker, but that was basically the point. So I decided that day that if I'm not going to give my mission 100%, I might as well go home. But don't worry, there's not a chance you'll see me before July 2016. So after all day of meetings we drove back to Skowhegan Tuesday night.
Wednesday was my one month mark. Whaaaaat? I only get to do this 17 more times, so I guess I'd best get to work! So after district meeting we had exchanges. My 24 hour companion's name is Sister Blume and she's one of the Sister Training Leaders over two of the zones in Maine. She's pretty nice. We taught a less active family, the Z's. It was... interesting. I think I got 2 words out of the whole family of 7, and we asked a lot of questions. After that, we went and helped out with the Young Women's Personal Progress night. It was fun, they made pancakes and Sister Blume and I just helped them make game plans to get their medallions in the next few months/year. After that, our appointment cancelled so we went tracting. That was... interesting. It was in the dark, but we had a LED flashlight and listened to the spirit. I found out a few days later Skowhegan is the 3rd most dangerous town in Maine, so we'll probably avoid doing that again.
Thursday morning Sister Blume and I went tracting for a few hours and not a single person answered their door. Not even the people we had appointments with. But that's okay, it gave us time for her to give me golden nuggets of wisdom she's acquired over the last year. Then we went to Bangor so we could get our companions back. After the exchange meeting and the drive back to Skow Town, Sister Davis and I went to the Relief Society dinner. Our 3 investigators that told us they'd come didn't, so it was awkward to be there. But it was free food, and the Relief Society in this ward is awesome, so it's all good. And then our appointment fell through. So we went on an obedience walk! Which is where we just walk the streets until 9pm to show the Lord we're going to be obedient and not go in until it's time. It was cool. We met a less active member that no one has ever heard of, so the Lord definitely blessed us.
Friday was a good day, mainly because I LOVE weekly planning. Which is mostly just because I love Sister Davis and that we fill our planners to the brim. We drove to Fairfield to try to teach some potentials, but one had company over and one told us to never come back again. So we went tracting and found a new potential investigator! Her name is Jean, and she has really pretty blue eyes (am I creepy for saying that?). We had dinner with the Bucks that night, and they have  such cute kids! Aah, how I wish I could hold children!
Saturday was interesting. I woke up feeling like I was going to throw up and I felt like I was getting stabbed every time I took a breath. So after 20 minutes of a failed attempt at studying, I went back to bed. After an hour nap I woke up and the pain was pretty much gone, weird. Sister Davis must have been praying hard for me. :) We taught Aaron O. about the Gospel and read 2 Nephi 32 with him. He really wants to be baptized but hasn't prayed on a date yet. Then we went with Sister Nixon to Bingham to visit Sister Pain-Paradis. Sister Nixon bore her testimony to us on the way up there and it was absolutely amazing! Sister Pain-Paradis is in a nursing home so she was excited for our visit. She's only in her 40's but she has a disorder where her ligaments and bones just snap really easy. She dislocated and broke her foot by pulling a blanket over it. :( Super crazy. But she was pretty chipper and talked our ears off! Then we went and taught a lesson to Aaron R. We did a faith scripture chain and it was super cool, Sister Davis spent a lot of time preparing it and I was just happy to bear my testimony about it. Then we went to Zante's and shared a message with her and then we all headed to the General Women's broadcast which was AWESOME! I loved what President Eyring said on joy coming after sorrow and on serving each other. Everyone needs to watch the Women's session in my opinion. So good! I'm so pumped for General Conference this weekend.
Sunday was great. We had four investigators come to sacrament meeting, and one even brought his girlfriend! :) Woo! It was a mission homecoming, and what he talked on was acting on faith, which is what all of our investigators needed to hear! Wahoo! After church we had lunch with the Blooms and then we tried to see some potentials, but those all fell through. So we went to see Rachel. She just moved in with her sister Sara who is less active. But Rachel sure is active! She just moved here from Provo and is going through Chemo at the moment. She's pretty much the coolest person I have ever met and her testimony is a million miles long. I just absolutely adore that lady! After our awesome visit, we went over to the Cooks and had dinner with them and talked about the Easter initiative! Go to it, watch it, share it. It's pretty much amazing. 
This week was amazing! I'm loving the mission more and more every single day. I love you and I miss you, but New England is stealing my heart. 

Sister Stott

we received a text and picture on Sunday night...
Dear Brother Davis and Brother Stott,
We are very much enjoying the company and spirit your daughters are bringing to us! They are a true blessings and we are very thankful that they have touched are lives. The Cook family in Maine😀

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