Monday, March 16, 2015

"Scout haven? Skow-whattin? Oh, Skowhegan. What's that?"

"Scout haven? Skow-whattin? Oh, Skowhegan. What's that?"

Skowhegan, my dearly beloved friends and family, is a little town in the middle of Maine which happens to be my place of residence for the next 5-11 weeks (at least). 

Last time I wrote I was in the MTC. And even though that was only 12 days ago it feels like a lifetime ago. So much has happened in the last 12 days! 

I finished the MTC and flew out to Manchester, NH last Monday morning at about 3am. Yuck. But the flights weren't too bad and I got to call my parents during my layover in Chicago, so it was worth waking up that early. :) When I arrived in Manchester it was around 5 pm. President and Sister Stoker picked me and the rest of the missionaries up and took us to their home in Bedford. We had dinner, had interviews with President Stoker, I had to fill out a lot of forms since all of mine are in Australia, and then we practiced teaching lessons with the Assistants to the President. After that, it was bedtime! 
Tuesday morning I got ready and we all got in the car and headed to Transfer Meetings! There I met the one, the only... Sister Davis! My new companion. She is from American Fork, UT and has been out on her mission for 7 months. She's super rad. I honestly just adore her and I can't imagine my mission without her. We get along great, and we're always having a blast. After Transfer Meeting we hopped in our car and headed to Skowhegan, Maine, which is not a short drive. Sister Davis and I cover Skowhegan and 15 other towns that are in the general vicinity. If you drove from one end of our area to the other nonstop, it would take 90 minutes. So we rarely knock on the same door twice while tracting. haha. After we got to Skowhegan, we dropped my stuff off and headed to teach Aaron R.! For our lessons with Aaron, we have to take a female member over 18, so we took Lexie Bloom! Aaron is an Army Veteran and super awesome. He's read the Book of Mormon, gone to church, prayed about it, and knows it's all true! Unfortunately, he has really bad migraines. And the only thing he has found that helps with them is drinking coffee. So we're working on that right now. 
Wednesday morning we woke up, got ready, and headed to Dover, Maine for District Meeting. As we pull in, I look over and I think, "Wow. That looks like Morgan Dellasilva from back home." And so I get out of the car and I yell, "Hey Sister Dellasilva!" And she looked at me, we ran to each other, we hugged, and it was super adorable. She's headed back to Idaho Falls after this transfer. Aah, that's so weird that my friends are started to head home. Anyways, after District Meeting we went back to our area and we went to go read in the Book of Mormon with Nancy. Nancy is super sweet and has two kids, Thomas and Jasmine. We read Alma 3 with her and talked about it. She's already taken all of the discussions, but is waiting until after her wedding in August to get baptized. So we're just reading with her for now. :) 
Thursday was a blast. Sister Davis and I walked to the library to teach Aaron O. but he stood us up. So we walked back to our apartment. It's not a terribly long walk, but it's not too fun in 35 degree weather. We did some tracting that day and then we went and taught Brother Steward and Sister White. They're brother and sister, and both super sweet. They're less active, and working on coming back. We taught them 2 Nephi 32: PRO: Pray, Read, Obey. After we taught them we went and volunteered at the Soup Kitchen. Oh. My. Lanta. The Soup Kitchen is AWESOME. The people who run it and the other volunteers are all hoots! After that, Sister Davis and I went and taught Aaron R. again. He's such a good guy. This time we took sweet Sister Kinney with us. Sister Kinney is the Relief Society president here and is such a hoot!
Friday all of our plans fell apart. We had to spend like 5 hours of planning that day anyways, so I guess there weren't a ton of plans to fall apart. We were going to volunteer at an animal shelter but when we got there, it was closed! So we spent the day tracting and trying to visit Less Actives. People in New England don't answer their doors. And if they do, they don't let you in. So Sister Davis and I had plenty of bonding time running through the streets of various towns. hahaha.
Saturday was also a very uneventful but interesting day. Our neighbor, Dr. Ted, took us out to lunch. So we tried talking with him about why we're here and he told us that Jesus Christ had nothing to do with Christianity and that he was just a political radical. And that religion was just so society could have some sort of rules. So we thanked him for lunch and went on our way. Dr. Ted is a super awesome neighbor, not as awesome of an investigator. We spent a lot of the day tracting and I probably saw my life flash before my eyes a dozen times. New England has a plethora of three things: giant dogs, cigarettes, and blizzards. Three things I was NOT prepared for. But that night we taught Zante. Zante has three kids, Rogue, Payton, and Gidion. They are ADORABLE. But the lesson went really well, and Zante is preparing to be baptized in a few weeks. :) 
Sunday we woke up to a blizzard! We drove to church (Aaron R. and Nancy both showed up. Woo!), they held a 45 minute sacrament meeting, and we all drove home before the blizzard got too bad. So after that, Sister Davis and I went around scraping windows and shoveling sidewalks. It was quite the adventure. We also went around and visited some of the widows in the ward that didn't make it to church because of the weather. That night we ate dinner with the Cooks. Brother Cook is a member, his wife is a devout Christian, and their four children are baptized but not necessarily active. They are all AWESOME. Dinner with them was great, and we shared a message about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They're all so sweet. And then we had to go home because the roads were too bad to be out any longer.
This all leads up to today! Well, today hasn't been too exciting. We went grocery shopping, played ping pong with Lexie, and now I'm here, writing this email. Sorry for that anti-climatic ending... Oh but Sister Davis is half Japanese, so she pretty much destroyed me in Ping Pong. Which isn't hard since I have no hand-eye coordination...

Skowhegan is honestly amazing. I love it so much. I am so grateful for Sister Davis and the people that I have met here. It's not Australia, but it's definitely what I need right now. I miss you and I'm sending love your way. But not too much love, I have a set-apart heart. ;) 

Sister Danielle Laree Stott
 164 Madison Ave. Apt. 6
Skowhegan, ME

Letters are greatly appreciated, and in fact encouraged. :) 

Sister Stott


Me and Sister Davis

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