Sunday, October 25, 2015

Interesting Service Opportunities....

This week has been quite an interesting one. I think there's a song that talks about, "You're hot and you're cold, you're yes and you're no, etc." And I can't decide if that applies more to the weather, the people, or just being a missionary in general. hahaha.
Tuesday was one of the most interesting days of my mission. Sister Yonthawin and I were on exchanges in her area and it was hotter than Hades and an interesting day. We went and saw an older lady named Maria. She asked us to do some service for her so we said, "Of course!" And then she handed us the nail clippers and asked us to take off her socks and clip her toe nails. And in my head I thought, "Oh Heck to the No." But then the picture of Christ washing his disciples feet came to mind, and I'm not above Jesus Christ. So if he cleans His disciples feet, I can clean an old lady's feet... So we did it, and you'd think they were the feet of a 16 year old after we were done with them. ;) Haha. Sorry for the gross story, but I told you missionary life was full of ups and downs! Then we had a lesson with a part member family, and it was great! They are so ready for baptism! it was just a huge testimony builder to me that the Lord prepares His children and will lead us to them.
Wednesday was interesting. The morning was a lot to handle, but it got better throughout the day. We met a less active member for the first time and it was really cool. She speaks Arabic as well so as she starts coming back to church, she can help us teach some of our investigators whose English is limited. She'll catch the missionary spirit! :) We have been working with a family that was baptized in February, and they've been struggling lately to feel the same Spirit that they felt at their baptism. So we invited them to retake the original lessons that we teach, and they accepted. So we taught them the first lesson again, and the mum, the only one who isn't baptized (the kids live with their aunty), sat in on the lesson! And she loved it! She now has her own copy of the Book of Mormon and is reading it. :) How neat is that?!
Thursday we taught our first English class. That was... interesting. We worked on the alphabet and they actually did really good! Their homework is to rewrite the whole alphabet again, so we'll see how that goes next Thursday! :)
Friday was good. It was exchanges again and I was back with Sister Albano, my companion when I served in the Sutherland Shire. So that was pretty fun, we already knew each other's teaching styles and it wasn't awkward working together. We met a few families that used to investigate the church but stopped for one reason or another. We set up some return appointments so we'll see what has changed since the last time they met with missionaries! :) We went and saw Sister James, she hasn't been to church for a few years as well. She's very nice and is happy that sisters are in the area finally so we can actually come in and spend time with her. Maybe that's all she needs to come back! I suppose we'll see! It was a fun day but the ending.... Oh goodness, I wish I could tell you that I'm a lot more graceful than I was last time you saw me, but I'd be lying. I didn't realize the step lowered next to my seat on the bus, so when I stepped over as the bus was slowing down, the momentum of the lowering speed and my drop in height made me fly to the front of the bus and fall on my face! hahaha. Don't worry, the only thing that was hurt was my pride...
Saturday... Oh my goodness! We were Bible Bashed, Koran Bashed, I was just waiting to get Torah Bashed.... Apparently there's an anti-Mormon movement going through the Pacific right now, and we were blessed enough to tract into the leader of it. o.0 That was.... traumatizing. It's okay, her heart will soften one day. Besides the bashing that went down, we actually had a really nice day! We had a lesson with Ivana, and she accepted the baptismal date of November 21! Woohoo! Let the preparing begin. She's really amazing, and I know she'll be a great member of the church. Oh I almost forgot! Remember how the night before I had a graceful moment on the bus? Well, on Saturday I fell down a flight of stairs. Don't worry, the only thing that was hurt again was my pride. Sister Teahe thought it was hilarious and laughed about the whole thing for 20 minutes. The struggle of being clumsy is incredibly real...
Sunday was fantastic! In the morning we went and saw a less active family to have a lesson with them and invite them to church. Then we went and had a lesson with Albert and Amy and it was great. The less active members, Albert and Amy, and our potential investigator, Hamhid, all came to church! :) It was AWESOME! I love when people come to church and like it! After church we went and did some street contacting and following up on some people that we've met the last few weeks. Nothing overly exciting happened besides an 8 year old trashing me in a game of Rugby I didn't even know I was playing. ;) Little kids are so funny!
It was a good week full of interesting moments. The work is going well, I'm loving every minute of it!
 Sister Stott

Picture: The infamous flight of stairs I flew down, with Sister Teahe laughing at me.

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