Tuesday, November 3, 2015

"When I say praise, you say amen!"

It's a little bit weird not writing for a week and a half, and when I write again in five days I won't have much to say. Hahaha. But I'll fill you in on my week and you'll figure out why I'm so late. :) 
Last Monday was so much fun! We went bowling, played lazer tag, and then went to work! We did heaps of finding and had a lesson with this really cool lady from Iraq. She offered to help translate when we teach Muslims that speak Arabic, so that is going to help the work heaps! 
Tuesday was so good. We had interviews with President and Sister Back and it was good. We did some service afterwards and then had a lesson with a part member family we've been working with. We set the baptismal date of November 28th with them and they're so excited! We did some finding and it was quite an adventure. Also, SURPRISE from the mission office! Not sure if you know, but I haven't been a driver my whole mission. But blessing came and I am now an assigned driver! Woo! So I drove on the left side of the road for the first time on Tuesday. It was a party. :) 
Wednesday was an adventure. I was on exchanges in Prairewood as I am every week. Oh it was quite an adventure. We saw some less actives, some part member families, and did some finding. My highlight of the day though was our last appointment with a member family. She made a meal that could've passed for an Idahoan one. ;) It's been so long since I've had food I could recognize from home. 
Thursday was great. Sister Teahe and I were back together in Villawood and we did some service with a member for her neighbor. He's atheist and told her before we came that he didn't want us sharing a message. But when we left, he told her he really liked us, and we could bring our message with us next time. WHOA! Talk about a miracle! Then we had a lesson with another part member family we're working with and taught our English class. So much fun! 
Friday was good. We had a few lessons and found some new investigators. It was a really fun day and we even got to go to the detention center here to contact a referral. :D Talk about a party! 
Saturday was Halloween! Did you know that's totally an American thing? I didn't either, but I only saw like three trick or treaters. We met the most golden, interested person in the world! But unfortunately he lives in a different zone. So we made some phone calls and when he got off the train from my area, missionaries were there to meet him and taught him the first discussion. :) It was awesome! 
Sunday was really funny. We had an investigator come and it was fast and testimony meeting. And she stood up and said, "Praise the Lord. Praise Jesus. When I say Praise, you say Amen. Praise!" And no one said Amen, so when she said Praise again, I couldn't leave the poor girl hanging, so I yelled, "Amen!" Things I never thought would happen as a missionary....The ward thought it was pretty funny. 
Monday round two, but a twist! It wasn't p-day. It was just a normal day. So we did heaps of finding since it was super nice and hot outside. We had a little lesson with a less active member and set up a return appointment with her neighbor. I had my first fresh mango and almost got kissed by an Italian creep. I had to shove my juice box in his face in order to run away in time. Karma for not emailing my family on the proper day of the week. hahahaha. We also had Ivana, our investigator getting baptized November 21, introduce us to her nonmember friend. And she bore her testimony and aah! My heart was so happy! I love when people are converted in their hearts!
Tuesday round two, I was in Prairewood again! We weren't able to see heaps of people because it was the Melbourne Cup! Which is a huge horse raise in Melbourne and the whole country shuts down as people try to make $10 turn into $1000. Silly gamblers... But we got to see the Vanipula family! I've taught them quite a few times when I've been in Prairewood, and they're getting baptized this Saturday. They're so awesome! It's so great being able to teach them every week and watching them progress! I know I wasn't "officially" their missionary, but to me and to them, I might as well have been. So I'll probably bawl like a little girl Saturday, and that's SO okay. 
Wednesday, round two, and the reason why I am late emailing. This morning we were able to go to the temple!!!!!! Which is my first time in Australia, so it's been over eight months since I've been able to spend time in the temple. It was fantastic. Just what my heart needed. :) Then we had to drive some of the sisters in our zone to the mission office to pick up a new sister from Tonga. Driving in crazy Sydney traffic is exactly what the movies make it out to be, just in case you were wondering. Haha.
Life is so good! This week had a lot of ups and downs, but the ups are all that matter. :) Love you heaps and I'll write again Sunday/Monday. ;)

Sister Danielle Laree Stott  

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