Sunday, November 8, 2015

Tears of Joy!

Well hello, I swear I was just sitting at a computer writing an email. It's crazy how fast time flies by as a missionary, especially when days get moved around.
So Wednesday when I was emailing, I was in Mortdale at the mission office. After the temple we had to drive across Sydney and back a couple of times in order to help some sisters that were training but couldn't drive. We ended up getting back to our area twelve hours after we had left it. Hahaha. But it was a good day. :)  We were able to have a lesson with Amy and it was really good. I really like her.
Thursday was hectic but when I tell you about it, it won't seem as hectic as it truly was. We had a lesson with one of our investigators... Did I mention that we're teaching someone in the detention center? Anyways, she's awesome. But you have to go through HEAPS of security in order to get in to share a lesson. I was "randomly" searched going through the security. That happens to me a lot more than you think it would. But it was pretty funny. It's been the joke of the zone that Sister Stott got searched going to a prison. hahaha. :) All in good fun! Then we went and saw one of our investigator/ recent convert families and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They're so great. We had our English class as well. :) Oh my lanta, teaching English is a riot. It's probably one of the highlights of my week, every week.
Friday was our Zone Training Meeting, which was pretty good. Then we had trade offs!!  We had a lesson with a former investigator that went well, but my companion went WHITE in the middle of the lesson and became pretty ill as soon as we made it out the door. My poor companion was sick and slept all day, so I watched Church approved movies and read my scriptures all day. An interesting way to spend trade offs, but it's all good.
Saturday was BEAUTIFUL! We went to end trade offs in Prairewood before the Vunipola family baptism. I was so excited to see them get baptized since I've taught them every week on trade offs and I love them SO MUCH, but none of our investigators came. :( And the rule is, if your investigators don't come, you can't go to a baptism in another area. So we ended the trade offs and went to the car. I wanted to stay so bad, but I wanted to be obedient even more. So I sat in the driver's seat, started to cry, and looked in my rear view mirror to back up, and President and Sister Back were there! And they said that they thought it was best if we stayed. And then I cried even more because I was so happy! I felt like Abraham about to sacrifice Isaac, then an angel of God (or a mission president and his wife) said to stop! And I was able to watch three people I love so much enter into the waters of baptism!
Sunday was great. We had a lesson with Albert and Amy in the morning, then went and rounded up the troops to come to church. :) It was fun, and church was so nice! It was the Primary Program, or White Sunday as they call it here. it was so sweet. :) Then after Sunday we went to Mama Fina's! Oh my lanta, my Tongan mama is the funniest woman I have ever met. We had a picnic in the lounge room complete with raw fish, taro, sweet potato, curry, and otai.I am officially addicted to otai. Then we had a lesson with our investigator Helen, and did some running around trying to track down some potentials. :) It was a great day!
Great week, great life. :) Transfer calls on Saturday so it will be interesting to see what's in store next. :)
Sister Stott

P.S. If you were contemplating sending something towards Australia for Christmas, that's totally okay with me. I just encourage you to send it by Thanksgiving, or it might be more of a Birthday Present in February for me. hahaha. :)

Sister Danielle Laree Stott
2 Breakwell St
Mortdale, 2223, NSW

Picture: Me and my "adopted" family, the Vunipolas on the best day ever.

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