Sunday, November 29, 2015

Aah, a twist!

Oh my good heaven. I don't think I can fully explain how much my head is spinning this week. I'll just start off with the nice slow start we had...
Monday we had a few lessons after p-day with some members. Tuesday was pretty slow as well. We saw some less active members and tried to do a lot of finding. We went and visited an investigator with one of the Relief Society Presidency members. Wednesday was good, semi-slow as well. 
I know my email seems boring and vague up to this point but it's so you get to the good stuff faster... Trust me. 
Thursday was Thanksgiving! We had some appointments that stood us up, but the night was AWESOME! We had a Samoan Thanksgiving! I made sweet potatoes with marshmallows and mashed potatoes and gravy to bring some America into it. :) It was so fun! Then we went to another part member family's house. They're Fijian and made us curry. So it was truly Thanksgiving since I was waddling by the end of the night. :)
Friday is where the twist came in! I was sitting there writing in my journal while Sister Toailoa was finishing up getting ready... Then a phone call came in... from President Back... And he said, "Sister Stott, you're the kind to like adventure, right?" "Yea?" "And you're a good missionary, right?" "Ummm... I guess." "Good! Well... I need you to move to Canberra... this afternoon." So yea. Some stuff happened, not sure 100% on details, but there needed to be a change and it needed to be fast. So I threw all of my bags in the car, said goodbye to some other missionaries, called some members to say goodbye, hopped in the car, and drove for 4 hours. We switched companions, and now here I am! I have the sweetest companion! Her name is Sister Verances, she is from the Philippines! She is so beautiful, humble, and sweet. I'm so blessed to be with her here in Woden! (Woden is our area in Canberra.) We went and got to know the Bishop and saw a part member family as well. :) Nothing overly crazy!
Saturday was so good. We stopped in and met some members and some investigators and shared short messages after I got to know them a bit. They're all so lovely here! I absolutely love Woden! We even had a member family invite us over for dinner and invited four nonmember friends as well! Whoa! It was awesome! I was bearing my testimony and answering questions right and left. It was great! I loved it! 
My first Sunday in Woden was beautiful! Church was great and the members are beautiful. There are a lot of American diplomats in my ward and so it's really interesting adjusting to white people with familiar accents again. Hahaha. :)  There's even a senior missionary couple in our ward named the Clarks! And Elder Clark grew up in Idaho Falls and is a Bonneville graduate! :D I LOVE WODEN! We went and saw some members we didn't get to talk to much after church and they're all so lovely! Aaah, I'm so happy here! I ate horse too which is actually yummy. Just a side note. :) And I don't know what else to say. There's an American member here who looks, acts, speaks, and dressed like my mum so I'm kind of mildly obsessed with her already. But I told her so it's okay. She said she'll be my Canberra mama. :') I just really love it here. The work is a lot slower than it was in Villawood but my heart is doing so well here. 
Sending my love,
Sister Danielle Laree Stott

P.s. I'm over halfway through my mission now, so I'll see you all in 8 1/2 months. You're closer to seeing me than you are to when you said goodbye. :)  So yea, that's cool.

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