Monday, November 16, 2015

Staying in Villawood for Christmas

Oh my goodness, it was a hectic week full of ups and downs and the climbs and falls in between. 
Last Monday was good. Nothing too exciting happened on P-day. The only 3 missionaries going home this transfer were in my zone, so we had a zone p-day at the park and just relaxed together. After p-day we had a Family Home Evening with a recent convert family in our ward and it was a good time. I love Family Home Evening! It's God's pattern of teaching in the home and it really starts the week off great.
Tuesday was absolutely hilarious. Have you ever taught a lesson to someone who is schizophrenic?  It's quite an adventure. They are doing really good and then they start yelling the F bomb and then they said, "Oh no, that might scare the primary children. Maybe I won't go to church this week." Hahahahaha. Oh my good lanta, what a life I live. We also had a lesson with a less active member who is obsessed with America. Honestly, her American accent is thicker than mine. So after our lesson she asked me heaps of questions about peanut butter, poptarts, Kool-Aid, and American television. Hahaha. What an egg.
Wednesday was awesome. We went and picked up Lima, an incredible YSA who is working on her mission papers, and went to follow up on some potential investigators. Well, Ghasem let us in and let us teach the Restoration! He says he knows the Book of Mormon is the word of God and is going to start reading it. Pretty cool, eh? We went and did some more finding and found a really keen person named Diego, but he only speaks Spanish. So we couldn't really help him past inviting him to learn, but the Spanish Elders say he's doing really well. We had a lesson with Ivana and Mama Fina came along as well. She's doing well. We've moved back her baptism a few weeks, but she's coming along. :)
Thursday was great. We saw Ivana again and I ate Pljeskavice, a traditional Macedonian dish. Sydney has so many cultures! Then we went and did some service for a potential investigator, Uncle Ron! He's the best. Then we went and saw the Okotai and Makitae's and had a lesson with them. They're really great. We also had our English class and it was so much fun. We're now teaching through song! So we may be off key, but our pronunciation is superb!
Friday was really good. After our DTM, we had a zone picnic Haha. It was interesting but a lot of fun. We had another lesson with Ivana and Mama Fina came again. She's an awesome missionary! After Ivana's, the three of us went over to Chang's and had a lesson with him as well. He really likes the Book of Mormon, so that's a very good thing!
Saturday, oh what a day! We went teaching, and preaching, and cleaning, oh my! It was transfer call day and my beloved Sister Teahe is leaving Villawood. No more Tahidaho. :( But it's okay, because this new transfer will be intense. There is only going to be one set of Sisters and one set of Elders in the ward now, so our area just grew to 13 suburbs. We're going to be busy! I love it.
Sunday was great. I'll send you a picture with an explanation... Hahahaha. We finally saw Hasanatu again and had a lesson with her. She's still keen, just super busy! Then we had church and went about saying goodbyes and finding for the rest of the day, amongst packing until odd hours of the night. Church was great, they redid three of the auxiliary presidencies. I love changes like that! It breathes new life into the ward!
Monday! Wooohoooo. At 7 in the morning six elders rocked up to our flat to grab everyone's suitcases, since 3 of the 4 sisters living there were leaving, and I had to transport the sisters from the other areas in our zone that don't drive. So we drove to McArthur, I said my tearful goodbyes to Sister Teahe, and I met my new soa! Her name is Sister Toailoa. She's Samoan but is from New Zealand. She's just absolutely adorable. She is pretty new to the mission, but she has such a strong testimony and knows how to share it! I'm really excited to serve with her. When we got back to our area, we went straight to work. We had a lesson with a less active member, then we went and saw Uncle Ron! We taught him about the Book of Mormon and got to know how he feels about religion in general. Sister Quezada came with us. Remember that new life I mentioned the ward was getting? We're seeing it!  After Uncle Ron's, we went to see the Makitae's and had a lesson with them. Then we went and had a Family Home Evening with Simone and her family, and Daner, a YSA, came along and helped out. Then we went and had a Family Home Evening with the Mafoas. It was a great night. :) It's going to be a really good transfer!
Sending my love,

Sister Danielle Laree Stott

The joke in the ward is that I am the Princess of Tonga. I wore this traditional outfit to church on Sunday and all of the members absolutely thought it was gold. So you may now address me as Her Royal Majesty of Tonga Stott. ;) Hahaha, just joking! :)

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