Sunday, January 31, 2016

There can be miracles, if you believe!!

Well hello  there!
 I hope you could hear me singing that line from the Prince of Egypt soundtrack because life has been so beautiful this week! Let me tell you all about it. 
Monday after we emailed you we went and spent some time at the National Museum of Australia which was.... Interesting. But it was fun. We spent the evening with a new part member and less active family that we had never met before. They were so lovely and the mum, who is Catholic, really showed a lot of interest in learning and growing in the Gospel. 
Tuesday was a bit more of a struggle. It was Australia day! Woo! But unfortunately that means the only people that weren't intoxicated were out of town. Except for one of our investigators. We went and saw him and had a lovely chat, and he called himself an "optitheist." So he's an atheist, but he's also an optimist. No worries though, he'll come around. 
Wednesday I was in a different area in the zone on exchanges and it was so much fun. I was with Sister Bogidua, a sister from Fiji! Bula! It was such a fun day. We went and saw some of the people I had taught last month when I was on exchanges there and it was beautiful to see their progression since I had seen them last. 
Thursday was so fun. We went and spent time with the Klenka family since it was their son's birthday and they also combined the party to a baptism party for Lachlan (Lochy in last week's email). It was a lot of fun and we tried a new way to teach the Restoration with them... It was a little rough but it has potential. :) Then we went with some of the High Priests to go do some service for a couple that is investigating. Throwing a tub and tanning beds off of a second story balcony? Don't mind if we do. :) 
Friday was excellent! We had our meeting in the morning and it was really good. We also went and saw a couple of people who joined the church this last year and a new investigator that we're trying to get progressing. Nothing monumental but it was a pretty good day. 
Saturday!!!! Oh how blessed is Saturday. Lachlan was baptized. :') Don't worry, we only cried a lot. We sang at his baptism and luckily we were blessed enough to be able to hold back our tears of joy, but barely. After the baptism I was on exchanges with Sister Yonthawin, and the poor thing just gets traumatized every time we are together. We went and met this less active sister who is amazing and we were able to start a good relationship with her. Then we went to see Nana Julie and her neighbors went NUTS! They called the cops on us, took pictures of our car, screamed all sorts of profanities at us, the works. THEN we went to see a less active sister that went super crazy when we were there. She yelled at us for calling Sunday the Sabbath day, told us the sky was on fire, and all sorts of stuff.... Poor Yonti didn't know what hit her. 
Sunday honestly put the stars in the sky this week! We were teaching the Gospel Principles class about covenants and the whole time my attention was just on Brother D. Do you remember Brother D? I've talked a little about the D family... He's not a member but has come to church with his wife who is every week for quite a number of months. And we always mean to ask him what's going on and why he hasn't been baptized but it never feels right. Well right after our lesson, we sat down for the closing prayer and I turned to Sister Swan and said, "We need to invite him to be baptized right now." And so we followed the prompting and invited him to be baptized! And he told us how he really felt the Spirit at Lochy's baptism and how if we would've asked  when we were having FHE at his house it wouldn't have ever been the right time, but in that moment it was the right time.... So he needs to pray about it but sometime in February we'll be seeing that man in white! :) MIRACLES! Never delay a prompting, never. Pray for him that he'll feel comfortable with a date and that he'll hold strong. 

The church is true, the Book is blue. The struggle is the best! 

Sister Danielle Laree Stott

Picture: Our boy Lachlan with the Elders. :')

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