Monday, February 8, 2016

10 More Weeks of Blessings

G'day mates! 
Last p-day was really cool. We went to the National War Memorial and we were able to learn a lot about the different wars that have been a part of Australian history. I love this country and being able to learn all about it. We even saw the Prime Minister while we were there, talk about timing. We also had a Family Home Evening with a family that isn't too involved at the moment, so that was heaps of fun and really good for all involved. 
Tuesday was Groundhog Day which made me giggle because... Missionary life is Groundhog day for 18 months. haha. Did I make the joke about that movie correctly? My humor is kind of shot these days... Australians don't acknowledge it though because it's summer here and they aren't the superstitious type I suppose. We went to see an older lady and that was pretty fun. We were teaching the Plan of Salvation and she kept saying, "Where's the part about reincarnation?!" Apparently she was a Native American Indian in her last life... Hahaha. In that case I was totally a giraffe... Then we went tracting and I went to knock on this guy's door but apparently he was standing on the other side (they have one way screen doors like one way mirrors here. Freaky) and he said, "How can I help you?" right as I went to knock and it scared me and I SCREAMED and then he laughed and gave us a referral. The Lord works in mysterious ways I suppose.
Wednesday was fantastic. We were able to do some service for Anna and have a really spiritual lesson with her about the First Vision. After Anna's we went and saw Emily, my friend from the premortal existence. ;) Then we took one of the Young Women out with us and we found two new investigators (one of which was the referral from the man I screamed at)! It was great.
Thursday was anti-climatic. We went and saw Lupe which was fantastic. We also did heaps of service that morning and took care of our investigator's lawn as a surprise for her when she got back from her trip. Sister Swan is much more artsy than I am, so she did the clipping and shaping of plants, I just pushed the mower. I didn't think anyone would appreciate my pruning skills. :D 
Friday was really good. It was our final district meeting as a district since two Elders were getting moved this week. We went and saw a part member family afterwards and helped them pack to move too. Why is everyone leaving? Canberra is beautiful! We should all stay here forever. Haha. After we visited with them for a little bit, we went with Emily to pick up all the branches we'd clipped to take them to the tip (AKA dump). That was fun. Then Christian and Ashleigh joined us to teach Bruce the Word of Wisdom. That went pretty well, and hopefully he'll give it a shot. Then we went and met a part member family that Bishop was telling us about. They're really sweet, but they kind of seem flaky at the same time. We'll see if we can help them gain a testimony and keep commitments, anything is possible with the Lord!
Saturday was the dreaded transfer day... dun. dun. dun. DUN. Nothing changed. We're both staying in Woden for 10 more weeks! Woohoo. I get to spend my birthday the same place I spent Christmas. I love when I get to stay somewhere I love! We did a little bit of service in the afternoon and then spent some time with the Clarks, the best senior couple ever. It was really nice. Then we went and visited the O family. We haven't been there for a while so it was great to catch up. :) 
Sunday was great! I love the Sabbath. Well... Umm.... Yea. It was a really good morning and afternoon. The evening though.... Kalofae. Remember that lady that went super crazy last week and screamed at us and took pictures of our car? Well.... She's baaaaack. She tried breaking into the house that we were visiting and yea. We had to leave before we could even see our dear Nana, the cops had to get called and yup. I've never been called such yucky things... But the church is true, repentance is real, and she'll change one day. We just need to pray for her and she'll be right, mate! 
Monday was pretty good. We went and saw quite a few less active members and that was really nice. We got to know them better and build up relationships with them. It was Superbowl Monday over here due to the time difference, and one of our part member family's dad LOVES the Broncos. So he was sending us the score quarterly. Haha. It was a good bonding experience. Would've hated to see it turn out the other way, I don't think that would have been good for our relationship. We also had Family Home Evening with our Nana Julie. :) I love her! It was a good day.
Today is going to be grand! I'll tell you all about it in a week. But just so you know, I'll be here until midApril. So, since it takes two weeks for mail to get to Australia, then another month for it to get from Sydney to Canberra, feel free to mail things to me directly. As much fun as celebrating Christmas for 3 months was, I figure this would be a better idea. :) If you mail anything during February or March, please send it to this address:

Sister Danielle Laree Stott
40/98 Corinna St
Phillip, ACT 2606

All of my love,

Sister Danielle Laree Stott

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