Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ko e Maama e

Perks of being in Australia: The library is still open on President's Day for me to email people. Haha. Foreign blessings. :)
This week was... good. It's always a good week. Tuesday after P-day we were able to spend some time with our Bishop and his family. It was so much fun. I'm so grateful to be in a place where the members are so wonderful. Speaking of wonderful members, we were able to spend time with my kindred spirit Emily on Wednesday doing some service. And you want to know how wonderful she is? SO wonderful. She found me gluten free bread that doesn't taste like paper! Woo! (Side note: If you're wondering why that is so magnificent, I have developed a pretty high gluten intolerance on my mission and it hasn't been fun since I've been ignoring it and eating stuff anyways, so naturally it's been getting way worse, and I've still been ignoring it because you know... cake is yummy. Every day is sick day. But I've been completely gluten free for two whole weeks, and it's the best I've physically felt since I came out to the mission field. :) Blessings!) After Emily's we went with our beloved Evelyn to go see some people. And we finally saw Terry again! He's alive! We had a lesson with him and scheduled an appointment for next week. Hopefully he'll keep it.
Thursday was interesting. But I made adobo (dish from the Philippines taught to me by Sister Verances) and we had a really nice evening. We took Evelyn out and had a rather interesting interaction with some investigators and less active members. haha. And then we went and saw an elderly Sister that has been in hospital heaps and as we were talking, she was telling us about her mission, which was in the Philippines! And she said, "Oh how I just wish I remembered how to make adobo! It was the best." And so I said, "Hey, that's what we had for lunch. As soon as you're out of hospital we'll come over and make it for you." So my name is no longer Sister Stott. As we were leaving she kissed my cheek and said, "Bye bye Adobo." Haha. Pinay ako! (That means, I am Filipino! )
Friday was pretty interesting. It started off with District Training Meeting as usual and we thought I broke my foot. Haha. Long story short: I tripped, the chair fell on my foot, Sister Swan fell on the chair. But no worries, it's not legitimately broken. :) We were able to see a less active sister that we have been trying to catch for months and set up another appointment with her, so that was pretty awesome! We had a lesson with Dianna which was really great as well. Then we went and helped Sister Edwards get everything ready for the primary activity on Saturday. We made two ark posters and a life size Goliath. It was really fun. Then Friday late night was a little bit rougher. I have a really great companion, the work has just been really rough on her unfortunately. And having her sad all the time has been hard for everyone, because we like happy people! So if you could please pray for her to make it through this, I'd greatly appreciate it. Missionary work is tough, but missionaries are tougher... When strengthened by prayers. :) But we have an awesome senior missionary couple that lives down the road , so they helped. They came over and visited with us and Elder Clark gave us both blessings. Having a worthy Priesthood holder around is the best! I recommend every household to have one. But if your home is in Idaho, and you happen to be in Australia, having one down the road is quite nice. :) 
Saturday was quite the day. It was the Primary activity so we were helping out. And we were able to join in with the kids for the final water fight between the Lamanites and the Nephites. Well, they BETRAYED me. I got PLASTERED with water balloons by all of these little children that I thought were my friends! They even played a trick on me where three of them ran up to me to give me a group hug, but it was so they could hold me still while I got destroyed by the water guns. Yea, I felt betrayed, but I'll get over it one day. Haha. It was actually ridiculously hot that day, and since missionaries can't go swimming the kids were actually doing me a favor. And I dried within 10 minutes because of the heat, so it all worked out. :) After my utter betrayal, we went down town to try to find people to teach. It was a multicultural festival so we just started handing out pamphlets and talking to everyone since it wasn't weird to do it there. It was really fun and we actually found two people that seemed pretty keen. :) Then we went and saw Nana Julie and that was nice. Her neighbor wasn't harassing us either, so that's a good sign. :)
Sunday was great! It was Valentine's Day which.... really means nothing when you're a missionary. Haha. Church was really good though. And after church a family that we're close to invited us over for dinner! The men were in charge, so you know those steaks and potatoes were on point! After visiting with them we went to see a couple of our investigators that said they'd come to church and didn't and set appointments with them. It was a good night. :)
This week was really a roller coaster. There were definitely moments where I was tired, fed up, and positive that this week was never going to end. But I was reading a talk by Elder John H. Groberg and I found a new favorite Tongan saying. "Ko e Maama e" which in English is "There is Light." Sometimes when we're in the thick of things we are only able to see the storm clouds of the darkness. But as we push through, our eyes are able to adjust, and we are able to see the light in the distance, however far it may be. I know that as we hold to the Iron Rod, push through the dark clouds that surround us, and keep the faith, we'll be able to see the light. I know because I can see it a lot more now than I could a year ago. Always remember, Ko e Maama e, even if you can only see the night.

I love yous all,
Sister Danielle Laree Stott

Me and my Valentine. <3

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