Sunday, February 21, 2016

God is Mindful of YOU.

Well hello there!

This week has been better than the last, so that's pretty nice. Monday after we emailed and did our p-day shenanigans, we had Family Home Evening with the D family! I've mentioned them a few times, but I just love them more and more every week we get to spend time with them. They are just beautiful people and I NEED to see Brother D get baptized so they can be sealed in the temple. I'm not asking much of them, just for them to be eternally happy and such. :) They'll make it there one day, all in the Lord's timing.
Tuesday was fun! We went on a roadtrip! Okay, not really. But our area takes 3+ hours to get to some places out in the bush, so we went to visit a part member family about a 45 minute drive away. It was a really fun morning and we were able to spend time with them and see what life is like on an Australian farm. :) After our visit out there we went back into town and met a member that is travelling through Australia in a caravan! Kind of cool. :)  Then we went and saw Terry and Leanne! But they're really just not ready for the Gospel at this time. We sang, "God Be With You Til We Meet Again" and parted ways. It was pretty rough, but we know that one day they'll be in a place where they can actually recognize the signs God is giving them. We had dinner with the Clark family that night. I want to grow up and be like them in a few years. They're seriously just so fantastic. I've met the most incredible people and families out here in Australia.
Wednesday was beautiful! We went and spent some time with Lupe in the morning. After Lupe's we swung by a less active member's home. Her name is EP, and she is a stinking crack up. Maybe one day she'll actually let us share a message with her. Then we went and saw T & K! We've been trying to catch them for THREE months since I moved to Woden, and we finally did! They sat down with us and their 6 sons and let us teach the Restoration. T, K, and their oldest son all accepted to be baptized in April. WOO! Only issue is that we need to get them married. So pray that that will be a desire they have. :) 
Thursday was pretty dandy. We went and spent time with Nana Julie, which is always a blessing. Everyone needs a Nana Julie in their lives. After Nana's we went and spent time with a less active sister, L. She is really sweet but has a lot of concerns. She was baptized because she liked the missionaries, not because she had faith. But now that we know that, we can help her find her faith. No worries! Then we went and spent time with a part member family we're close with and that was really nice. :) 
Friday was great! It was our Zone Conference so President and Sister Back came down here. It was a really good conference and it was exactly what I needed. They are just absolutely the best! I'm so grateful for a loving mission president and wife that sincerely care about you. It really helps to know people are in your corner AND in your same country. I know I have an incredible support system back home, but there's something about having a familiar phone number saved in your favorites and a familiar face that lasts more than a few months that does your heart good.
Saturday was really good! We helped Elder and Sister Clark clean their old flat since they had to move. We're so sad about them moving, but it's just to North Canberra so they'll still come pick us up and bring us over for lunch if we need some quality time. Then we went and had a nice visit with Rosa! What a hoot. I love sweet old Italian ladies! We had Stake Conference that night and it was great. Nana Julie talked and did beautifully. Elder Leota, an area 70, got up afterwards and said, "Everyone needs a Nana Julie." Sure glad I have mine. :) We also had a member of the Stake Presidency, President Abel, giving a talk and a spider started crawling on his face. Hahahaha. Australia problems... Sister Back ended up killing it for him though. :) 
Sunday was great. There was an extra meeting before Stake Conference with all of the recent converts and we were able to go with Nana Julie. Afterwards we were all shaking Elder Leota's hand and he was just saying thanks for coming and nice to meet you then it was my turn and he said, "Sister Stott, you're doing a great job. Just keep hanging in there." Whoa. I really haven't made mention of it too much, but the last few weeks/month and a bit have not been very easy. There's definitely been a lot of time spent on my knees pleading with Heavenly Father to know how to help anyone and everyone and then trying to figure out why I can't do it. But Elder Leota just looking into my eyes and saying those few words were honestly the same to me as if God rung me up and said, "Hey, I still love you and it's all going to work out. Just breathe." God is good, and he is mindful of every person. 

All the love from down under,
Sister Danielle Laree Stott

Picture: Best letter I have ever received! Thank you to everyone that wrote on it for the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years/Valentines/Birthday wishes. I'm going to figure out how to frame it. ;) 

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