Sunday, March 6, 2016

A week of ups, downs, and firsts of the things you'd least expect...

Whelp, I've said it once and I'll say it again, the church is true! Monday after p-day we went and saw Amanda. We haven't been able to catch her for over a month and so we thought that she wasn't keen and that she was avoiding us. Boy were we wrong! We taught the Plan of Salvation and she LOVED it. She accepted to be baptized next month! Miracles happen ladies and gents, and I'll tell you a bit more about them.
Tuesday was great. We went and saw a less active sister and did some service for her. That was pretty fun. We did some gardening and tried experimenting with what we picked.... We were successful for the most part. Then we went and saw another sister in the ward and that was a lot of fun. It was basically a million degrees so people were more than glad to let us in. :) Sister Seumalu had her baby and Sister Howe was still in the hospital, so we spent some time with them as well. 
Wednesday Sister Van Zyl had us back over. It was a really fun appointment and we learned a lot about different African countries. After Sister Van Zyl's we went and saw Rosy that we used to teach a few months ago. She was really excited to see us but still not ready to change. After Rosy's, we went and saw Sister Barron! She is the best! It was such a great appointment and that woman loves missionary work almost as much as we do. Then we went and did some service for a member in another ward and it was really fun. Then Sister Swan shaved Buddy, Nana Julie's dog. Well.... Buddy bit me. So that was interesting. I've never been bit by a dog before. But I only bled a little and I know what he eats and where he goes on his walks, so I don't think I'll die or anything. hahaha.
Thursday was full of service again, which was really actually a lot of fun. Service makes me happy and gives me time to just get down and work and forget the headaches of the world. Thursday night was so fun. We went to the Taisenis again. I just adore them! They had so many questions prepared and they were actually thirsting after answers, which has never happened with them before!
Friday we had our district meeting as usual which was really nice. Then we spent the afternoon in the doctor's office. Please pray for Sister Swan! She's struggling and could really use your prayers. My faith alone isn't sufficient for everything that's going down. haha. But after that, we went and saw Amanda again with Emily! And wow, they hit it off! Amanda is getting really excited for her baptism! She's had a mighty change of heart and it's really cool to be able to witness it. 
Saturday was great. We showed up at Anna's at the right time again and we were able to help her and Rosa when they really needed us. Then we went and did heaps of service, I suppose that's the theme of this week. That evening we had dinner with the Clark family and they invited Amanda over as well. It was a really nice evening and they developed a really nice friendship. Having members involved in missionary work is so important! And I'm so grateful that Woden realizes that. 
Sunday, WHOA. Let me tell you about a sweet girl named Yvette. Remember how we did service a few times for a member from another ward? Well, she is one killer missionary! She works with young indigenous people that come to Canberra for a better shot, and one of them is Yvette! She came to church, then she came back for the missionary fireside! She spent 5 hours with us learning about the church yesterday, and then took a Book of Mormon and Gospel Principles book home because she couldn't get enough. We're going back tonight and hopefully she's as prepared as she seemed to be yesterday! 
I mentioned firsts of things you'd least expect.... Well, I mentioned I got bit by a dog for the first time.... I also ran every day this week. So you know, #miracleshappen. Haha. But really, I've gained a huge testimony of taking care of yourself out on my mission. We all need to take care of our physical well being and our spiritually well being. If you want to feed yourself physically, you'd best be feeding yourself spiritually. And if you exercise your body, you can better exercise your faith. :) There are my words of wisdom for the week. 

Thank you for your prayers,
Sister Danielle Laree Stott

Picture: My beloved Sister Teahe goes back to Tahiti in 2 weeks, so I tried sneaking in her luggage. :) 

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