Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Snakes, Electrocution, and "Wait, what?!"

It has been a week. Not sure what adjective to put in that sentence... Let me tell you about it and we can decide together. 
Last Tuesday was pretty intense. We went out to this sweet little po-dunk part of our area to visit a few families. It was an adventure for sure! First, we were taught how to be domestic and make apple sauce since we did service in the garden after the lesson. So that was pretty calm. Then we went down the street and kissed goodbye to the domestic life! The family we went to visit loves reptiles, so we had pythons and lizards and all sorts of things slithering around us. Such a large contrast in such a short drive... 
Wednesday was fantastic! We went and saw a less active member and let me tell you... I am such an awkward human being. I've served around a lot of different cultures in my defense... But our conversation went a bit like this: Sister D: "Do you like Platypus?" Me: "For eating?" Sister D: "No... for looking at." Me: "Oh... Where's Perry?" Yea.... I just invited myself to eat a strange animal again... It happens. But besides that we had a lovely visit with her. Then we went to see our beloved Amanda! She's doing great and is so ready for her baptism on the 2nd of April! :D But we'll talk more of her in a bit. After that we went and cooked dinner for Bishop and his family since his wife just had a baby. It was really nice and fun. Cooking for members is one of my favorite ways of doing service! 
Thursday was really neat! President and Sister Back came down and had a meeting with our district. It was pretty neat and personal. After the meeting President Mahe went with us to Amanda's and cleaned out her gutters! It was great to talk about the Priesthood and Service as the Elders Quorum President was up on the roof getting work done! Talk about an object lesson!
Friday was great! We taught Amanda her final lesson that she needed to have before her baptism with Elder and Sister Clark. We're been stressing so much over it but she handled it great! Then we did a few things and there was a Multi Faith Samoan Good Friday Evening! It was AWESOME! Except we were the only white people, but we represented the church  well and sang for the High Commissioner of Samoa and some ministers of other churches! :) It was a pretty cool experience for a white kid.
Saturday was great! We had the Primary Easter Activity and Amanda and her kids all came and it was so fun! Then we were doing service for a member and I accidentally electrocuted myself.... I was trimming the hedges and I accidentally cut the cord to an electric chain saw with the electric chain saw..... Don't worry though, it charged me for the rest of the day and I only twitch a little. ;) Hahaha. Then we went tracting with our Bishop! Bishop Seumalu is honestly my hero! He actually went out there and knocked on doors with us for a few hours! Now THAT is a consecrated member. It was pretty cool to be out there with him. We sang again for a whole apartment complex that a less active member lives at which was pretty fun.  
Sunday was Easter! Happy Easter! Church was great. We taught Relief Society but we accidentally based our lesson off of a quote that isn't actually a real quote.... So you know, that's awesome. But it wasn't any legit false doctrine so we're not going to get struck down or anything. :) After church the Edwards had us over which was nice and we finished the night with a visit to our dear Nana Julie. 
MONDAY IS THE BEST DAY! P-days are always pushed back for good purposes! We started off the morning by visiting Rosa and then Anna. I just adore them both! We're going to go to Italy together one day... And by one day I mean the day they buy me a ticket. haha. They're great though! Then we went and did some service for Nana Julie which was good fun. Then came the MIRACLES! We had FHE with Amanda and her family at the Hooper family's home. And right before we started the lesson Peta, Amanda's 10 year old daughter, said, "Umm... I want to get baptized with my mum on Saturday. Is it too late?" NO CHILD! It is never too late! So now we have to smash in 5 lessons in about 72 hours so she can get her interview in and everything, but it's going to be awesome! So please, please, PLEASE pray for Amanda and Peta. A lot of trials are about to happen to them this week to try to stop their baptisms, so we need all the prayers we can get! God loves us so much! The church is true! 
That was my wonderful week! Glad we found an adjective. :) Until next time,
Sister Danielle Laree Stott 

Pictures: 1. My new friend the Python. :) 2. The funniest candy to a missionary. Don't worry though, we did not partake. ;) 

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