Monday, April 4, 2016

Happy Tears!

What a crazy week! It was the week of Amanda and Peta. :) Tuesday after we emailed we had to forgo the rest of p-day so we could go teach Amanda and Peta. Which was more than worth it! Then we went over to an elderly sister's home for a visit and worked on Amanda and Peta's baptismal program. 
Wednesday we went over to Amanda's and did a bit of service with some Relief Society sisters. It was a lot of fun and was a good opportunity for her to bond with them. Then we all got cleaned up and had a lesson. After the lesson Amanda and Peta had their baptismal interviews and... THEY PASSED! :) Oh happy day!
Thursday was crazy! We had one final lesson with Amanda and Peta, woo! Then we had a lesson with a part member family all the way on the other side of the area. In the middle of a lesson we got a call from Amanda and we really felt like we needed to leave and go to her immediately. So we did, and there was all of this drama with the family since it wasn't Amanda's weekend for the girls and Peta was upset and AAH! So we called Peta's dad and explained why she needed to be there this weekend and he said he understood and would come watch her be baptized. Crisis averted. :) 
Friday was okay... We saw Amanda and Peta in the morning before we went to our district meeting. Then at our district meeting... Well... It almost became an all Sister district.... The Elders are our District Leader and Zone Leader so they told us that President Back called the night before and the whole mission was going on a car fast starting immediately for the next few days.... But our appointments were all over the area that afternoon so we hurried and called and cancelled them to be courteous and give them notice because we knew we weren't fast enough to walk between 6 suburbs... A few hours later at the end of the meeting they tell us it was all an April Fool's joke.... Which you know, I love jokes and all but it took us a month to set up those appointments... 
Saturday! Amanda and Peta were baptized! They looked so beautiful in white! Aah, so many emotions filled my heart as I saw them walk into the water! :') And then.... CRAZINESS! The Ward Council has been praying and fasting to find and reactivate less active family, the Forbes, since last April when the father passed away and Bishop conducted the funeral.... Well, guess who Peta's father is. D. Forbes, the son of the man who passed away. And guess who was watching the baptism, D. Forbes. The ward has been fasting and praying to find and reactive Peta's dad and grandmother (Amanda's ex and ex in-law) and we just tracted into Amanda and Peta! The Lord is with us in the work, I can testify of that ten fold! This was no coincidence. Heavenly Father knew that the Forbes wouldn't be ready to come back if the ward did find them, but he knew that if we found someone they loved, taught them, and brought them into the fold, that would help them come back. Miracles happen. :) We made the connection after Bishop signed the baptismal record for Peta and so we ran up to D and said, "When were you baptized?!" And Amanda yells, "YOU'RE A MORMON?!" It was incredibly hilarious. The women's broadcast was that night as well. So good. :) I love this Gospel! I'm excited for Conference to be broadcast this upcoming week! 
Sunday was beautiful. Amanda and Peta were confirmed members of the church, I cried bearing my testimony, it was a good day. :) Peta's dad and nan even came to see it happen! 
So yea, it was a week full of Peta and Amanda, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. :) The church is SO true! And God is with us. :) 
All my love (and my hearts about bursting right now),
Sister Danielle Laree Stott

The newest members of the Woden Ward! :') 

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