Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Beautiful day!!
Well, since p-day happened a long, long time ago, I have lots to tell you. First thing first, I LOVE BATHURST! Honestly, I'm so happy here. Let me tell you about my first week so you can rejoice with me! 
Tuesday (the 19th) after P-day we went and met the Branch President's family. They're so sweet! And the only Samoan family in Bathurst! Which is such a tender mercy for me considering I haven't seen so many white people in like a year! 
Wednesday (the 20th) was great. We started off the morning by doing some service for a Sister in the ward. She's redoing her kitchen so we got to smash some tiles and it was pretty awesome. We also found a new investigator named Belinda! She's so funny but so sweet. She said her first prayer with us and she started crying. It was such a neat experience. Then we met Terry! He is a less active member that lives in a nursing home so we read the Book of Mormon with him every week. I like him. Also, every Wednesday the Branch has an activity night! It's small but cute. It was a nice way to meet a few members before church.
On Thursdays we do service at the Seymour Center. It's this fun place that elderly people can go for socialization. So cute! They are so stinking funny there. Then we met a few less active members. Boy oh boy are they a hoot or what! Then again, the Lord blessed us to find a new investigator! We'll call her C. She's a teen mum but wants to see if this would be a good way to raise her new daughter. Well certainly it is the best way, so we'll see if she's prepared! 
Friday, what a beaut! We have a less active member that is a hoarder so she lets us organize things and read the Book of Mormon with her. I was impressed! She actually let us take stuff to the op shop, which I have never seen a hoarder do. Then we went around and met some of the members of the Branch. Everyone here is so sweet! I'm excited to get to know them better. We also met Kalira, one of our investigators with a baptismal date. She seems pretty cool, so I'm excited to help her progress!
Saturday was another beautiful Bathurst day. We met this INCREDIBLE lady named Tiffany on the street and she made an appointment for us to come back the next day. Then we met this lady named A. She's super religious.... Like she built her own chapel in her yard so she can worship... it was interesting but she's really lovely. We saw a few more of our investigators and everyone here is just so nice! I love it. We also met Sister S. Pretty sure she's going to be me when I'm that old. She went on a huge rant about how awesome musicals are and how Rock of Ages is life. She's so funny. 
Sunday was beautiful! The branch is SO SMALL. There were maybe 15 members in Sacrament meeting? 24 or so if you count the kids. Only 4 in Sunday School. Only 3 in Relief Society. It's so small. But it was great because I have everyone's names memorized. ;) Haha. I spoke in Sacrament and then Sister Kurita and I taught Relief Society. It was fun. We taught on "Behold Thy Mother" by Jeffrey R Holland so I got to brag about my mum. After church we had Branch Council. Once again, so small. I LOVE IT. Remember Tiffany from Saturday? Well, we went and saw her, taught her the restoration, and she accepted to be baptized! Aah, Heavenly Father is the BEST! :) 
Monday we went and did some service for A. She's really nice and actually enjoys reading the Book of Mormon with us. Hopefully she'll start investigating this week. We also saw our girl Tiffany! We went and did some service and read the Book of Mormon with her. She was reading it Sunday night and prayed about it and said she felt like a different person! it's so good to see the Gospel change people's lives.  We also saw two of our investigators, T & C, they're twins! And they accepted to be baptized too! Aah, Heavenly Father, once again, is the best! We also met a really nice potential named Janice that invited us back for later in the week. :)
Tuesday (yesterday) the Zone Leaders came and picked us up at 6am to drive to Sydney. It was so weird being alone in the car with Elders!!!! Don't worry, President Back knew about it and permitted it. But we had a 9 hour meeting with President and Sister Back and the rest of the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders in Sydney. Being on the Mission Council is quite the experience... I was the driver on the way back to Bathurst. Such a long drive! But I prefer driving through the Blue Mountains rather than being a passenger. It's too much winding and climbing and stop and go for my liking in the back seat. 
So yea, it's been a CRAZY week! But I am so happy here. Honestly, it feels like home to me. I feel like Bathurst is a mix of Idaho Falls, ID, Logan, UT, and Skowhegan, ME. Three of my favorite places. Heavenly Father is the best and He truly has a plan for us! I still miss Woden but I'm just so grateful being there and now being here is part of his plan for me. :)

Sister Danielle Laree Stott

P.S. Sorry for no pictures... I forgot my camera... And I forgot to take pictures.
P.P.S. Don't write to Sydney for mail, please write directly to me for atleast the next month. :) 
Sister Danielle Laree Stott
2/129 Keppel St
Bathurst, NSW 2795


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