Sunday, May 22, 2016

Short Emails For Once!

Well this week wasn't as inspirational, which is okay since revelation is sometimes painful. Haha. But it was a good week. We really focused on doing a lot of service this week which I rather enjoyed. Teaching the Gospel through your actions is so much better than teaching it through words. People here seem to forget what you say, but they don't forget what you do for them.
The main highlight of the week is we now have a Senior Missionary Couple in Bathurst! They are named the Boogaards and I seriously love them too much already! They are so humble, hard working, and sweet! They are going to be such a blessing to the branch. We spent some time with them helping them try to figure out Australia but they'll be showing us what to do in a week or so I bet! They're so good, I wish you could meet them.
Another highlight... well kinda... of the week was they hard a ping pong tournament here for the all the branches. I got destroyed because my hand eye coordination is awful, but it was still heaps of fun. 
Oh oh, another highlight! My mom rocks and sent me the General Conference Ensign so I've been studying that all week. The church is so true! I love studying General Conference! I think that it makes a huge difference to start off the day by studying the words of those closest to Christ. 
Sorry for the super short email. Our p-day is really short today because we are going on a hike as a zone on Friday. But after my novel last week maybe a short email is preferable. :) Transfers are on Saturday so I'll either stay or go to my final area. I guess we'll find out! 
Sister Danielle Laree Stott

A member let me pet their horse. :) 

I hope you can tell how bad I am at table tennis by this picture...

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