Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Eight is great!

I love Heavenly Father! This week was just tender mercy after tender mercy! He is so good to me! 
The tender mercies started on Tuesday. We had  to drive to Sydney by 9pm so we planned to leave around 5:30 or 6pm. But we went to visit a less active sister in the morning and she was adamant that we left earlier because of the danger of going through the mountain pass in the frost and dark. So we cancelled our appointments and got on the road about 3pm instead. Which meant we got into Sydney just after 6pm and needed to work for 3 hours! Well, remember Fairfield? When I was transferred back in November, I had 2 hours to pack and leave so I didn't get to say goodbye to the families I was close to. So we decided to take advantage of the 3 hours we had! We went and saw the Amones, the Mafoas, and Mama Fina! It was so good to be back in their homes and to teach them again. It was definitely something that my heart needed before I left Australia, and I'm so grateful Heavenly Father made it happen. 
Wednesday was another day of tender mercies! Have you heard of Elder S. Gifford Nielsen? He's a General Authority and apparently a pretty big deal in the world of Grid Iron Football. Well he and his wife came and held a conference with us, it was so nice! And then after the all day conference, the leadership in the mission were able to have dinner with them and President and Sister Back. So I got to spend 12 hours straight with a General Authority. That was pretty cool. He is definitely a man of God! Every word he spoke was profound, as well as his wife! I definitely received answers to my prayers that day. Also, I was able to see Elder and Sister Clark from Canberra! Which was a huge tender mercy since I was afraid I wouldn't see them again until their homecoming talk in Arizona.
Thursday we drove back to Bathurst from Sydney and spent all of Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday running like mad trying to make up for the time we missed while in Sydney. We ran like crazy! It was good, I love working like crazy. Yesterday, Monday, was the Queen's birthday. She didn't invite us over for tea though which I thought was quite rude. But it was a good day nonetheless. :) I'm grateful for Sister Nansen, after a 6 hour roadtrip in a car together and trying to make up a few missed days, you definitely learn to love or hate your companion. Good thing mine is pretty rad and I love her to bits. :)
In the words of good old Sister Teahe, "The church is true. Heavenly Father is the best!"  

Heaps of Love,
Sister Danielle Laree Stott

Mama Fina, The Amones, The Mafoas, The Clarks. :)

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