Monday, July 4, 2016

It's All About Chapter Five.

This week just flew by. I don't know why the days and the weeks are flying. I feel like there isn't enough daylight to do all the things I need and want to do! This week the Lord blessed us so much. We've been reaching a lot here but not a lot of the people have been progressing. So we decided to lessen our visits to a few of them and put more time into finding. So that's what we did! And the Lord blessed us with FOUR families and a young man that invited us back! We've already taught one of the families and the young man, and we have the other families scheduled for this week. Heavenly Father is the best. I'm so excited to teach them! Please pray for them that their hearts may be softened and that they will be ready to accept the Gospel. 
I think another highlight of the week was we rocked up to see a part member family in the middle of a fight. The teenage daughter had just kicked her little brother and the mum was on the couch just crying. So we knocked on the door, sat them all down, and showed them how to have a family council. The Spirit was so strong by time we left. And when we saw them the next day, it was like they were a completely different family. 
We had our zone training and our zone p-day this week. That was a lot of fun. Elder Brown, Elder Meyer, President Moeller, and Sister Mussin all gave amazing trainings. I gave a training too and I only cried for like a third of it so I was impressed with that. Coming on my mission made me a cry baby, I'm sad to say. So watch out when you see me next, the waterworks flow open and free lately. And then we went bowling which was good comical relief because... Well... Have you seen me bowl? My high score was 53 and I felt pretty on point. ;) Haha.
I also had exchanges this week with Sister Mafi from Tonga! She is just the sweetest. She is so humble and I learned so much from her! She has only been on her mission for about a month but dang, she is a power house. It was great to be able to feel green again and to work hard with her by my side for the day. We also reminisced over how much we miss Tongan food. Haha. Faka Holo....
The title of my email is all about chapter 5. I just wanted you to ponder about how important the 5th chapters in the books in the Book of Mormon are. in 1 Nephi 5, Lehi teaches us to handle criticism and complaints with love and comfort. In 2 Nephi 5, Nephi teaches us that making sacrifices for a temple and following the covenants we make there help us to "live after a manner of happiness." The Allegory of the Olive Tree in Jacob 5 teaches us to never give up and to always be diligent in serving the Lord. Mosiah 5 reaches us what it means to repent and have a mighty change of heart. Alma 5 teaches us that we have so much room for improvement, but that the Lord is always there to help us. In Helaman 5, Nephi and Lehi are protected because the foundation of their lives and their faith is in Jesus Christ. In 3 Nephi, Mormon boldly declares who he is and shows us how easy it is to say, "BEHOLD! I am a disciple of Christ!" and then act accordingly. In Mormon we are reassured that the Lord always goes after His lost sheep in His due time, because He knows when they are ready. Either 5 tells about the three witnesses of the Book of Mormon and Moroni 5 is the sacrament prayer. Chapter 5 is important. Read your scriptures. Every day. And don't give up because you've been stuck on chapter 4 for the last year, move forward and read Chapter 5.
Sister Danielle Laree Stott

Instead of a picture, I thought you might like this video. :) 

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