Monday, July 25, 2016

Two by Two!

In honor of the inspired pattern of us preaching the word two by two, I thought my email should be two by two as well. So here are the twos:

TWO terrifying experiences: 1. There were two huntsman spiders IN THE CAR. I screamed and cried and threw stuff at them until they got out. Sister Tim just laughed at me. 2. Our investigator got into some anti material on the internet and just yelled and bashed us and verbally attacked the young woman we had teaching with us. Oh my heavens! The Mama Bear in me almost came out. But we held our peace... Mostly. We ended up just walking out of her house because there was no use in talking to her. So yea, that was terrifying but all is well. Heavenly Father is the best and the church is still true. :) 

TWO Hilarious finding experiences. 1. We were talking to this man and he was really nice to us. Then we told him our purpose as missionaries and he was rude and said. "No!" Right as he said, "no," a bird pooped right on him. I was a little unprofessional for a second because I could not stop laughing. It was the funniest thing I had ever seen! 2. We were walking past this little Asian shop and I saw GOBSTOPPERS! Oh my goodness, I hadn't seen those in ages. So I ran in and bought two boxes, then we went back to street contacting. So I'm just walking along eating my candy (because you know me, always eating) and I offered some to everyone we passed, and got some crazy looks. BUT one girl said, "Oh thanks, we have these in America!" And I freaked out because she was American! And we talked for 20 minutes and she invited us to come back next week. :)

TWO M miracles: 1. We were following up on a potential and knocked on the wrong door, but that's how we met M! He was super depressed but said we could come back. So we went back a few days later and he answered the door and said, "Hey Sisters, I'll meet you out back." And I was confused because how did he know he had to meet us outside since he's a single male? Then we walk out back and he had a Book of Mormon in his hand! What is going on?! Then he explained that he met Sister Missionaries in the 90's up in the Highlands and he wasn't ready to be baptized then. BUT he really wants to give up his substance abuse and accepted the goal of being baptized on the 7th of August. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM! 2. M came to church all by himself on Sunday and really enjoyed it. He's a miracle I tell you! Just pray for him please. :) I need to see him in white! 

Wollongong is the absolute best! Sister Tim is a saint! Life is good and I'm as happy as a clam. :)

All my love,
Sister Danielle Laree Stott

TWO Pictures: We went on a hike this last week. So here's a picture of our district (I'm slightly obsessed with these people) then a picture of my beautiful, wonderful Sister Tim! 

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